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MocoSpace Review: Reasons Of Using This Platform?

MocoSpace Review: Reasons Of Using This Platform?
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 26-41
Profiles 973 254
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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This MocoSpace Review aims to acquaint you with the detailed functioning of the website. It was launched in 2005 as a mobile social community for providing a platform to people interested in meeting up, chat and have some fun together by using the features and various games present on the MocoSpace website. Of late, it has grown as a blend of the largest social media platform, renowned for chatting as well as gaming, and an online dating platform, with 100 million registered users from all across the world. The headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts, and Herzliya, Israel.

It is often said, ‘We must be willing to let go of the life we planned to have the life waiting for us’. The world is full of people with varied mindsets and opinions. With the changing cultural values, people are often reluctant to get into a commitment, as everybody wants to live life on their pace, with people sharing their private space and time, depending solely on their willingness to do so. If you seek to meet someone, chat, and have some fun in life and you are also an avid gamer, you can rely totally on MocoSpace Online Dating Application for getting it all under one roof. It cannot be coined as a dating site solely; instead, it is a conglomeration of social networking service and a vibrant gaming community, which can be trusted for casual hook-up or lasting connection.

MocoSpace Review

Benefits And Drawbacks

Let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of MocoSpace:


  1. The website’s layout is straightforward and user-friendly, so it is very easy-peasy for its members to operate.
  2. The member database is vast, which allows choosing your kind of partner.
  3. It is accessible for anyone, above the age of 18, with no sexual orientation barrier.
  4. The MocoSpace website is loaded with unique features and gaming options, which makes it interesting.
  5. You can be assured of regular feed updates on the forum, keeping you in the loop.
  6. It is very comfortable to use, as it has a familiar interface, which closely resembles Facebook.
  7. The registration procedure is trouble-free, evident from the number of active users on the MocoSpace Dating Application.


In this competitive dating industry, it is hard to maintain a full-proof system. MocoSpace Reviews have brought some of them to light. Let us look at them.

  1. Due to the extensive member database, there is a possibility of bumping into scammers, fake profiles, and people with ulterior motives.
  2. The free membership allows tracking all the activities of any member on the forum, which hinders privacy.
  3. Multiple ads keep coming up when you navigate the site, making the process lengthy and mundane.
  4. The content on the website is not modulated.
  5. There is no verification procedure that a member has to go through before making an account on the platform.
  6. The in-app games present on the forum are not beneficial in meeting new people.
Benefits And Drawbacks

Website Design And Interface- Is It Convenient?

The critical ingredient, which serves as a prerequisite for a website’s success, is the user interface and design, ensuring the members’ greatest influx. The website’s overall look and feel is critical, as it makes a lasting impact on the customer and conveys the attitude before the user starts browsing and going through the content of the website. Evident from the massive number of user databases, MocoSpace has a very straightforward and uncomplicated user interface and an appealing prototype.

MocoSpace Review gives you an in-depth knowledge of the unique features that make the platform list among youngsters and fun-loving people. Keeping in mind the convenience and suitability of its users, MocoSpace has an inclusive website and has also been launched in a friendly mobile app. The website’s layout is lucid and is supported by a set of detailed instructions and videos, making it easy for the members to sail through.

Website Design And Interface- Is It Convenient?

Distinctive Features Of The Platform

Let us have a look at the set of distinguishing features that make MocoSpace surpass the conventional apparatus.

  1. Friendshop: It is an exciting feature game, which explains itself. It is where you buy and sell your friends, from the real-time people present in your friend list, vice versa. The person can be bought by using the Friendshop cash, which is fake currency, available only within the game, and increases its value. If the person on your friend list is bought by someone else, both you and your friend get a profit.
  2. Daily Spin: It is similar to the ‘Spin the Wheel’ game, which can be played once a day and fetches you prizes. The Daily Spin feature allows you to win Moco Gold cash, the currency used on the MocoSpace website, and sometimes additional free spins to play games and avail additional benefits.
  3. Street Wars: It is another game on the website, with the mafia setting, which the members can play. You can gain money, power, and several other rewards, as the game proceeds. The purchases related to the game are available within the game and can be done using the Moco Gold.
  4. Stickers: They are standard emoticons, which can be used in the chats, comments, or instant messages that you send the other members. Some stickers are available for free, whereas there are others that you can buy. Once you buy them, you gain unlimited access to the same.
  5. MocoSpace chat rooms: You can meet many new people here. This feature gives you access to many other individual chat rooms based on different criteria like age, hobbies, ethnicity etc.
  6. The group feature is another feature on the MocoSpace website, somewhat similar to the chat room feature. The groups are similar to what one can find on WhatsApp. If you find someone interesting in the group, you can initiate a private chat with that member.
  7. Meet People: It is the forum’s search feature, designed to meet people matching your search areas. You can refine your search using filters for age, location, gender, activity on the platform.
  8. Match Me feature allows you to say a yes or no to the members, suggested as a probable partner by the website’s algorithm.
  9. Forum Section on MocoSpace allows you to participate in the various forums segmented based on interest.
Distinctive Features Of The Platform

Safety Features On The Platform- Is MocoSpace Really Safe?

Dating is not a part of your profession. It is personal and depends on the willingness of an individual. When you share your personal information on a platform with a global community of users coming from different backgrounds, it is increasingly important that the forum places its safety and security as the topmost priority.

MocoSpace website follows the standard security procedures of the dating industry, which are mandatory. The detailed privacy section on the website underlines the terms and conditions elaborately for the members’ reference. The system automatically deletes the pictures uploaded by the members after being viewed by the recipient, to avoid any ulterior motive getting fulfilled. MocoSpace Reviews repeatedly advises its members to visit www.wiredsafety.org, www.connectsafely.org, and www.onguardonline.gov for getting updated on the tips regarding internet safety. The platform also encourages its members to reach out to the customer service if they come across anything suspicious. To win over its users’ trust, the developers have made it mandatory to verify all the accounts created on MocoSpace, either through Facebook Connect or using the link sent on the email.

Safety Features On The Platform- Is MocoSpace Really Safe?

Profile Quality- What Kind Of Members Are There On The Forum?

The profiles on MocoSpace are quite diverse. The member base is a blend of African-Americans, Hispanic and Caucasian profiles majorly. Even the age group present on the platform is divergent, with 40% of the members in the age group of 18-24 years old, 24% are 25-30 years old, 17% fall in the bracket of 31-35 years, and the remaining 13% are 35 years and above.

On the whole, profile quality on MocoSpace is good. An overall idea of a member’s personality can be evaluated by looking at the interests that a member has listed in the profile. The profile pictures uploaded by the member can be accessed by everyone on the platform, which gives a fair idea about the personality of the member who grabs your attention. If we talk of the gender proportion, 56% of the members are males, and the rest 44% are females on the popular mobile and social networking platform, MocoSpace.

Since it is a gaming community, sometimes you hit the profiles with the weirdest usernames, which is legit on this forum. You can make an account with not your real name, which looks a bit shady at times.

Profile Quality- What Kind Of Members Are There On The Forum?

Signing Up Procedure- Is It Easy?

The signing up procedure on the MocoSpace website is very sleek and straightforward. You can register and get started in a wink. First and foremost, you need to fill in a few compulsory details like age, gender, sexual preference, and location. It is recommended to fill all the details to make sure you come across your probable dating partner soon enough, as it helps the website’s algorithm finds the compatible partners that match your personality. If you want to escape the nit and grit, you can skip the above procedure and login directly using your Facebook account details or your Google account details.

You are then required to select a username and a strong password to secure your account, followed by uploading a profile picture. People who are genuinely interested in finding a match consider all the information shared by you, not just your profile picture, as it is not just the looks; it is your entire personality.

One of the crucial things on the forum is that you are solely responsible for deciding to keep your profile private or make it public. However, if you want to keep it private, someone must send you a friend request, which, if you accept, gives the other member liberty to view your profile. The registration process is free of cost. Post Registration when you login, there is a section with three tabs on the main screen, which shows three options, “my friends”, “near me”, “everyone”. Depending upon the option you opt for, the news feed appears accordingly. ‘Everyone” is self- explanatory, whereas if you choose “my friends”, the system will only show you the activities of your friends, in case you choose “near me “, the result is about the members who are close to your geographical location. This makes it much more comfortable and sorted and further refines your choice. Not to miss, it saves a lot of precious time and energy.

Signing Up Procedure- Is It Easy?

Unmatching A Member On MocoSpace – Is It Possible?

Due to the vast user pool, there is always a possibility of either bumping into fake profiles or scammers. There might be an instance where you come face-to-face with the malicious intention after going ahead with the conversation, and you wish to discontinue seeing this particular member. There is a BAN link present on the account to sort this awkward situation, which you can click on, to prevent the user from messaging and viewing your profile. On activating the BAN link, the member is not allowed to send you a friend request also. If you fail to do so, you can always reach out to the customer service at [email protected] and get it sorted.

Logging In As A Visitor And As A Guest

It is evident from the number of active users and daily logins and MocoSpace Reviews that the platform is sincere in its efforts to give its members a fun-filled experience and committed to bringing forth the best possible match to spend some fantastic time together. To head start your journey on the platform, you can choose to either browse through all the profiles or search for the online members. Once you come across your love interest, you can initiate by messaging. You can also consider joining the various chat rooms already there or creating your own according to your interest. As a member, what makes MocoSpace unique is that all the messages you send are made public. You can message your love interest separately, out of the forum. It is advisable to share short videos on your profile to make it look more exciting and spirited.

Logging In As A Visitor And As A Guest

Mobile Version Of The Website- Is It Comfortable To Navigate Through?

As per the MocoSpace Reviews, a determined attempt has been made to develop an adaptive and responsive web design and use the ability and intelligence-based thinking to build a forum that can cater to the online users’ changing landscape seeking fun and love on a single platform. Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, MocoSpace is launched as a robust website and a friendly mobile app. You can download the Application free of cost, and it is also compatible with all the Android handsets and iPhones. It is a piece of cake to navigate the website and browse any section in a flash.

Can The Application Be Downloaded From The Website?

The mobile application is available for download at the Play Store. There is no additional cost to be paid. MocoSpace Review has revealed that more than 66% of the users use the platform’s mobile application due to the added convenience the mobile phones have over the desktop and laptop.

Does This Chat Platform Have A Mobile Version Of The Website?

MocoSpce has optimized its website to work efficiently on mobile phones.

From Where Can The Application Be Downloaded?

You can easily download the MocoSpace mobile application from the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store, respectively, for Android users and the iPhone users. It can be done within a minute, and you can look for some real thrill and excitement.

Mobile Version- Is It Easily Accessible on The Mobile Phone?

You can be assured of having a fantastic experience while navigating through the MocoSpace website, either on the desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. The website interface is simple and effortless to operate. Without struggling with the basics, you can instantly start your journey on MocoSpace mobile Application. For being more convenient, as compared to the desktop version, the mobile application is a preferred option to log in the website.

However, the features on both the versions are quite similar; the application has a user-friendly interface, which attracts a massive influx of people looking for some fun, accompanied by some gaming action and love, and successfully puts an end to their search.

Mobile Version- Is It Easily Accessible on The Mobile Phone?

Subscription Plans Available For The Members- Costs And Benefits

The registration on MocoSpace is free. It gives you an overview of the website and authorizes you to create your profile, view recommended matches, and browse through other members’ profiles. As a free member, you are validated for unlimited messaging to the liked member and participating in various forums and blog posts.

To take your liking to the next level and convert it into a lasting relationship, you have to upgrade to the paid membership, which qualifies you to know who viewed your profile and a VIP label incorporated with your profile photo. In addition to this, navigating through the website is the advertisement-free journey, with no added distractions. You can also use the Stealth Mode Feature to conceal your activity or status, as per your wish and convenience. The plan that you opt for is subject to auto-renewal. In case you want to opt-out, you have to be diligent enough to make the necessary changes in the Settings, well ahead of the next cycle.

You can pay for the subscribed plan by using your Credit Card.

For upgrading to MocoSpace VIP, the plans are as follows:

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 7.99 USD/Month 7.99 USD
3 Months 6.99 USD/Month 20.97 USD
6 Months 5.99 USD/ Month 35.94 USD

For buying Moco Gold, the prices are as follows. As mentioned earlier in the MocoSpace Reviews, MocoGold is the currency used for gaming and other activities on the platform.

Credits Costs Total
500 Credits 0.01/ Credit 4.99 USD
1250 Credits 0.01/Credit 9.99 USD
2750 Credits 0.01/ Credit 19.99 USD
4325 Credits 0.01/Credit 29.99 USD
7500 Credits 0.01/Credit 49.99 USD
15,500 Credits 0.01/Credit 99.99 USD

Contact Information- Where Can The Members Reach The Customer Care?

For any support, complaint, or report, the members can reach MocoSpace at –

  • Company: MocoSpace.com
  • Address: MocoSpace, 186 South St Fl 2, Boston, Massachusetts 02111, United States
  • Phone: (0877)323-4815
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Verdict

With the information and the details provided in the above MocoSpace Review, you must have got a clear picture of this platform, which is certainly not just a dating site, but has a lot more to offer. Now you don’t have to put the child in the back seat, irrespective of your age. Even if you miss having a friend in your circle, which is not an avid gamer like you and alongside, love is also on your bucket list, then you can sit back and relax after you register on MocoSpace. It is committed to give you fun and love under one roof. You are welcome on board to this high-spirited platform, as MocoSpace is ready to take you to the enticing world of gaming, thrill, and dating.

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