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Detailed Kik Review That You Must Go Through!

Detailed Kik Review That You Must Go Through!
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Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 27-40
Profiles 1 698 541
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to install and use
  • Variety of features for free
  • Dark mode available
  • Anonymous chatting. No pictures, no number, no ID
  • No parental lock
  • Anonymous users make a greater chance of crimes
  • It can be used by anyone age above 12 years

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Kik is a messaging app but not exclusively a dating app. It helps you find new friends and create good bonding with them. The platform’s expanded term is Kik Messenger, but it doesn’t fall in the category of dating sites. It was developed by a Canadian company Kik interactive. The students of Waterloo University, Canada, formed this Interactive platform and released their first mobile app on 19th Oct 2010. The application is in English and can be found in both Android and IOS stores for free download. The app is even free to use and download. This messenger app reached 1 Million users in just 15 days!

This app has a very different concept, and it works hard to keep the anonymity safe of its users. You don’t need to provide an email or phone number to register in the app. The messaging app operates on wifi and mobile data. You can share videos, messages, photos, voice messages, audios, sketches, mobile web pages, etc. through the Kik website and mobile app. The main target population of the app are teenagers who prefer anonymity. The app uses the IP address to know your location, which helps you get matches. According to an old data survey in 2016, Kik was used by 300 million people globally, of which 40% comprises American teens!

The app has many controversies because they typically use the industry’s safety standards only. However, these controversies have not affected this platform’s rise as an alternative messaging app for teenagers. The exciting thing about this app is, parents cannot remotely control it. That was the main attraction for all teens. Apart from its controversies, Kik received appreciations from teenagers the most; they are the target users, whereas parents were happy.

As mentioned, the app can be downloaded and used free of cost. You don’t need any subscriptions or any credits to use it. The app has stirred the minds of teenagers. There are various unconventional ways of finding a match on this website because this is a dating app in a messaging app’s disguise! You will get to know every detail of this app in this Kik review.

Detailed Kik Review That You Must Go Through!

Design And Functionality Of The Website And App

The design of the app is beautiful and user friendly as well. The color and the background of the Kik website is similar to the mobile app. The features and the menu is very well organized to help you understand. The layout is very modern and quirky; that’s why it attracts teenagers easily.

Even your group members won’t see any of your details on the profile; it will be completely anonymous. Only your user name will be visible to others. A new feature has been added to the site, “meet new people”, which will help you make newer friends. The website design and disability are quite interesting because of the features they possess. The features are mentioned below in detail. They have bots that will keep you busy the whole day and not let you feel lonely at all.

You will find the safety and privacy section and the law enforcement section below the website. If you face any issues during your operation, visit these links and register a complaint. But before doing so, remember to block and report them. You may find all information about it in the Kik reviews section.

Design And Functionality Of The Website And App

Intriguing Features Of The Site

Every site has something special, so does this one. The special features are:

  1. Match and chat– Somewhat similar to other dating apps, this feature will allow you to make matches by swiping right. Once you are done creating your profile on the website, you can start searching for your matches.
  2. Flirt-You will find people who are of your age range. You can match your profiles with them and send flirts to show your interest.
  3. Matcher– This is something similar to match and chat. Here you find people browsing them, and the profile that you like the most can be your match if you wish to.
  4. Kik QR code– Like WhatsApp, you can share your QR code with anyone and invite them to the site and start chatting.
  5. Group chats and video chats– Up to 49 people can be added to a group. You can talk about anything. Make a group of your family members and friends and whoever you like.
  6. Bot shop– This is a place of unique attraction for kids. Here the kids can find various Bot operated activities like quizzes, games, fashion tips, history, astronomy, games, etc. You can play these with the Bots.
  7. Safety– After various controversies, the site increased its security and made special law enforcement and complaint sections for the fraud, bullies, fake account holders, and abusers. If you find anyone of that sort, report immediately.
  8. Communicate– You can use text messaging, video calling, picture sending, gif sending, sticker sending, or another medium to contact the member.
Intriguing Features Of The Site

Security Standards Of Kik

Some of the security measures that are taken on the platform are mentioned below.

Report an abusive member or a bully by following the means:

  1. With messages from the individual in the visit: In the visit, tap their profile picture, *If you’re on an iOS device, you can likewise press and hang on the visit bubble, your wish to report will be fulfilled.
  2. Without messages from the individual in the visit: Firstly, tap the Display Name, which you will find at the top corner of the chat window. On the info screen, you will see three dots; tap on it.

At that point:

  1. Tap Report User
  2. Choose an option from the dropdown list
  3. You can check off/on the option to include the chat history in your report
  4. Tap Report and Block

To block a fraud, bully, abusive member:

From the chat window of the person, you can block

  1. Hit their Display Name at the top corner of the chat window beside the “>” symbol
  2. Tap on the “More” icon
  3. Tap on “Block name” and click on Block

You can also:

  1. Tap Settings and Select Privacy
  2. Now, Select Block List and Tap “+.”
  3. Select the person’s display name and click on the Block button to confirm.

These are some of the top safety, and privacy features most Kik reviews suggest you.

Security Standards Of Kik

Profile Quality On The Platform

There is no specific profiling on the site. You have similar profiles as you have on WhatsApp or Viber. The profiles contain your username and your online details.

There are a few ways to find friends on Kik using your profile.

  1. You can use your profile address to make a match. Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Address Book Matching. If you have any contacts on your phone on the site, you can see them and connect with them.
  2. Join a group. There are hashtags. Find your preferred hashtag and, along with it, the alike person.
  3. Share your profile. Go to Settings and tap ‘Share your profile’. That’s it. The process is easy.
  4. Build a public group for your use. If you build your public group according to your choice, you will see people joining your group. If you choose an exciting topic for your group, member count will keep increasing. That’s how you can find people with similar interests and tastes.
Profile Quality On The Platform

How To Register On This Site?

The registration process on Kik is straightforward. It doesn’t need a registration like any other dating app. This app is not like a dating app; it’s a messaging app and free to install and use. This messaging app is very similar to WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other modern popular messaging apps. You provide your phone number in WhatsApp, but you don’t need to do it here on the Kik website.

Messaging is completely anonymous. You need wifi connectivity or data to send messages and get connected. The app is available on both the Android and IOS store. You need to install it on your phone, laptop, or tablet to get access to it. When your download is complete, click on the “open” button. When the app opens, it shows the homepage of the application. Set one username for your profile, and that’s it. You are done. The site doesn’t need anything more than this.

This app works on location. Your IP address helps the app to detect your location. Your username will be your Kik ID. You don’t need to mention your birthday, email ID, home number, or other details. Using just the user name, you may join any chat groups or create your group and invite people. Kik can be operated on Amazon’s Kindle, too, apart from android and iPhone. The anonymity makes the app super susceptible to crime. To join, you have to be above 13 years of age. This is where the vulnerability of the teens lies. 13 is not a proper age to find new cool friends and enjoy a virtual life without parental control.

Even if you are a grownup, you can use the app; it is not just limited to teenagers. Youngsters can join Kik and make friends. Once you create your username, you can create groups, chat with people, make friends play games etc.

How To Register On This Site?

How To Unmatch A Member On Kik Website?

Yes, you can unmatch a friend on this application. This app is for messaging, and it works somewhat like other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. There are block and report options to confirm your safety. Reporting a member is very easy. You can do it just by tapping the red flag, and also you may follow the same procedures one follows in WhatsApp.

Moreover, if anyone abuses you, assaults you, tries to be over-friendly with you, just go to the help center and contact the mediators. Also, they have safety and privacy mailing options. If you face any issue with your privacy and safety, immediately mail them and stay connected till you get help.

How To Unmatch A Member On Kik Website?

What Is The Difference Between Entering As A Guest And Entering As A Member?

Kik website and mobile app is a messaging app, and it doesn’t work like regular dating sites. Hence, they don’t have any subscriptions or any such thing as a guest login. For using the app, you will have to install it from the app stores. It is available for both the Android and IOS devices and also on Amazon kindle. Then you create a username, which is your only identity on the app. Using your user name, you can start sharing photos, voice messages, videos, texts, etc. After reading a dozen of Kik reviews, it is safe to conclude that you don’t need anything other than a username to log in.

Mobile Application And It’s Functionalities

As mentioned earlier, Kik is a dating cum friendship-making app in the disguise of a messaging app. Yes, it is a messaging app by category, but people can find their matches using the matching system. The mobile application is downloadable from the App Store and Play store without any cost. You can operate the app without a single penny. You just need a wifi connection or internet in your device to connect using Kik.

The mobile application is very smooth and has a user-friendly interface. The setup of the mobile app is very quirky and neon. As neon represents the teen spirit, so does this app and their choice of colors. The app has a base color, or you may say background color, which is neon green. Yep, the neon color used here is very much attractive and catchy. The fonts are experimental, large, and have a splash of colors that are enough to get attracted to the app. The other color used is purple. This is also a very attractive eye-catchy color. The combination of the two has made a powerful and colorful impact on teenagers.

Apart from the colorful approach, the functionality is straightforward. There are fewer similarities to snap chat or any other modern multimedia messaging app. You can click pictures instantly and send it. You can also send voice messages, calls, and text. Sending stickers will make the conversation very interesting and funny. They have an extensive collection of stickers and emoticons.

The mobile app is somewhat similar to WhatsApp. But with a little variation. Below are the messaging languages or the letters used by Kik.

Kik language Letters

  1. S: Sent
  2. R: Read
  3. D: Convey

“S” signifies your content has been sent to your contact. “R” signifies your contact has opened the message. On iPhone and Windows Phones, a blurred “D” will show that Kik has sent your companion a notice. At the point when that “D” cement, they’ve opened the app, yet not your message. You’ll have to hang tight for an “R”. If you see a “red!” it means there have been some internet issues.

In short, the app is very easy and straightforward to understand even if you are above 50 years of age. The Kik app connects families and friends.

Mobile Application And It's Functionalities

Can You Download The Application From The Site?

Yes, you may download the mobile app from the Kik website at free of cost.

Is The Site Available For The Mobile Version?

Yes, the app has a mobile version installed from the “apple store” or “Playstore”. It is also available on Amazon Kindle.

What About The Availability Of The Apps On The “Google Play Store” And “Apple Store”?

Yes, absolutely and also free of any cost. More importantly, they are also available on Amazon kindle.

Is The Application Convenient For Users?

The app is beautiful in terms of outlook and even very simple and easy-to-use and has a “user-friendly” interface with various fun stickers and emoticons. Most importantly, they have a QR code that can be scanned, and you can join Kik using the QR code. Also, they have various mediums of communication very convenient for users. From text messaging to video calling and video sharing, everything can be done on this app. You can even send sketches and create groups to chat with friends and family.

Pricing And Perks Of The Platform

One crucial thing about the Kik website is they don’t have a price to pay for messaging or making friends. It’s completely free to download and use. Kik Interactive, the owner company, thought of making a revolutionary app that could widely connect family and friends without paying a single penny. Before this, no other mobile app could be operated on all the devices, including blackberry. Yes, blackberry. This is the only app that could be downloaded in all the three types of devices and used over wifi or data.

There are various features and facilities on the app; read the Kik review section thoroughly to detail. The advantage of using this app are as follows-

  1. Send free messages
  2. Send voice messages at free of cost.
  3. You may send pictures and photos.
  4. They have plenty of Gifs, send them for free.
  5. Become anonymous and chat. The app will not use any personal information except your IP address. Moreover, they don’t store the IP details; it’s temporary and deleted once the session expires. As the location data is not stored in the application, the police can hardly track you.
  6. Personal chat. One to one interaction.
  7. Create your chat groups. Add people or get added to other groups.
  8. Play games. Share them with your friends and family. Invite them to play with you.
  9. Use the dark mode too.

All these fantastic features are free of any cost.


It is mentioned that the stickers package should be bought using the google and iPhone in-app purchases in different Kik reviews. To do that, you must have a credit card. The price is not very high, but it has a whole package of various stickers to reflect all your moods.

Contact Information Of The Officials

  • Company: Kik interactive
  • Address: 1237 7th Street; Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Phone: Not Available
  • E-Mail: [email protected]

Conclusion Of The Review

Kik website and mobile app are not among the dating sites but a messaging app created to bring friends and family together. They don’t demand any personal information to register on the site, unlike WhatsApp. They operate totally on the username you provide—no number, no email ID, totally anonymous.

For making friends and finding dates, you may choose this site on your first go. The match and the chat feature are of great help; it helps you to find new friends. This Kik review brought the best and worst things to you about the site to help you decide. This site might have very little security, but it is excellent and safe because it is anonymous. Nobody will know who you are unless you reveal it. It may bring privacy issues to you. People who like to chat anonymously enjoy this website fully. Besides that, it is one best choice for teenagers who do not like parental control. It is the most used messaging app or site by school or college students. The exciting thing is, you can be anonymous and continue chatting with your crush on Kik!

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