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Chatiw Review 2023―Everything You Need To Know

Chatiw Review 2023―Everything You Need To Know
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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 81%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 254 698
Reply Rate 77%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is super easy and fast to join the site. You do not need to provide many details about yourself or get your account verified to chart chatting
  • There is a mobile application for Android users
  • The Chatiw website and Mobile app both have a simple design and don't require any technical knowledge to operate
  • You can talk to people from different parts of the world, which helps you know about them, their culture, lifestyle, festivals, etc. The most significant advantage is you do not have to share a lot of details about that
  • There are times when you may like to share a picture. The site allows you to share a picture over the chat
  • The paid version is affordable; you do not have to spend a lot to use the premium version
  • There is no verification, so it is difficult to confirm who you are talking to. It increases the chances of fake accounts on the site
  • The site has a lot of scammers and fake profiles. The administrator seems indifferent to raise the credibility of the site
  • The person on the other side may provide complete false information, so it’s not a great platform to build a serious relationship
  • You can't access the chat history, makeing it difficult to remember what you have talked with the person
  • The free users don't have the option to send unlimited messages. You have to get a paid version for that
  • The Chatiw website is slow, and there seem some technical glitches at times

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Chatiw is a free online platform for chatting with people from different parts of the world without sharing your details. Most of its members are from the USA and the UK, and other western countries. The site welcomes everyone irrespective of their age, gender, but it is not like dating sites where trans people can find a partner. The majority of the members are straight males and females who want to chat with strangers to build friendships, go on a date, or find love. You can chat with someone next door or on the other part of the planet. The site has more than 100,000 visitors every week.

Do you love to chat with random strangers online? If you ask this question, many people will say “Yes” while some might be little concerned about sharing their details online. However, if there is an online platform that does not need registration, most people will agree.

The Chatiw website seems interesting, and you may like to explore it, but is it worth joining this chat platform? You would like to get answers to the questions coming in your mind, don’t you? You can take a closer look at its features and functionalities in this Chatiw Review.

Chatiw Review

What Are The Positives And Negatives Of This Chat Site?

A Chatiw review is incomplete without looking at the pros and cons of any service. The website has some advantages and disadvantages like any other chat platform. Here is a list of the pros and cons of this chat site.

How Is The Design Of Chatiw; Is It User-Friendly?

The homepage of the Chatiw website looks a bit junky. You can see advertisements now and then. However, if you upgrade to the paid version, you will not see those pesky ads. Once you sign-in, the first page looks simple and organized. On the left side, you can see the list of online members. You can click on the username and start chatting with the person. At the top panel, you will see the message, search, and profile icons.

If you click the profile icon, you can see the information you provided about yourself. Apart from this, you can upgrade to VIP membership and access the list of block users. The search options allow you to search members according to their gender, age, and country. All in all, the design is simple and user-friendly. You will be able to use it even if you are a first-time user.

How Is The Design Of Chatiw; Is It User-Friendly?

What Are The Special Features Of This Chatting Site?

Chatiw is an online space for chatting with strangers. It does not have features like a dating site; however, there are some unique features of this chat platform- and the majority of the Chatiw Reviews agree to this. So, are you excited to know the special features of this chatting? In this part of the review, you can check out the distinctive features that you will find interesting.

  1. Blog – There is a link at the bottom of the homepage before you sign in to the Chatiw blog. It has interesting dating tips and about relationships. You can ask a question or participate in any discussion.
  2. Chatting Tips – You can get well-written articles on chatting tips. It helps you know what the dos and don’ts are when you are chatting with someone online. You can access the links for the articles at the bottom on the sign-in page.
  3. Website Supports Multiple Languages – The website is also available in some other languages apart from English. You can change the language to French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Russian. It helps a lot of people to access the website in their native language. The link to change the language Is accessible on the home page.
  4. Safety Tips – Since the site does not verify the user’s details, it becomes critical to know the safety tips. The site has a dedicated link with tips to be safe while you are chatting on this site. It will help you avoid scammers and fake users.
  5. Reserve Nickname – It is a paid feature of the Chatiw website. In most chatting websites, you can’t reserve a username. You have to change the username if someone else has already used it. This chat site allows you to reserve a username to use it every time you access the site.
  6. Cam Chat – The fun of chatting with a stranger increases manifold if you can see the person on the webcam. Chatiw allows you to have a video chat with a stranger. It is not only exciting but also helps you know the authenticity of the person, which is very crucial if you are looking for a dating partner. You can’t go on a date or chat with someone for a long time without knowing them.
What Are The Special Features Of This Chatting Site?

What Are The Security Features Of Chatiw?

Safety information is a critical part of the review of any dating site. In this section of the Chatiw reviews, you will know about the safety features of the site. The site wants the users to stay safe on the dating platform, so it has provided tips about the same. It is wise to read the safety and privacy policy tips on the links on the website. It will give you a clear idea of what you should follow to protect your privacy and stay secure while chatting online. Apart from this, the site provides you with the option to block any user if you find them annoying.

Since the site does not ask a lot of information, so the chances for identity theft is low. The payment is protected by SSL secure connection, which you use in different online transactions. So, there is hardly any chance of your payment details to be accessed by any third party.

Your safety as a Chatiw user depends a lot on your action, whom you talk to, and what all you share. The person on the other side of the conversation may use complete fake information, so you should be conscious enough to share any sensitive information with the person. The site suggests you not to meet anyone at a private place, especially till you do not know the person personally. Even if you wish to meet a user, you should meet the person in a public place and not go alone. You never know the intention of a person. Moreover, before engaging with anyone, take some time, understand the user and then make a move.

What Are The Security Features Of Chatiw?

How Do The Profiles Look Like On This Platform?

There is hardly any user profile on this chatting site as it hardly provides any information about the user. Even if you call it a profile, the page does not give anything related to its background. All you can know is the username, age, location, and gender. All these details can be false; basically, you are in the complete dark you are chatting with. The site does not store any information that a user enters. So, the users can join with different details every time they enter the site. It may happen the person is genuine and providing all the correct information on the chat, but the flip side is also possible.

How Do The Profiles Look Like On This Platform?

How To Sign-Up On This Chatting Platform; How Much Time Does It Take?

You do not need to register on Chatiw if you are joining as a free member. It means you are not sharing any information that the site will store in its database. Once you sign out, all the details get removed. You can join with new information every time. Joining this chatting site is as easy as ABC. You can enter a random username, age, gender, location, and join the chat room.

To join the site, you need to visit the Chatiw website at- https://www.chatiw.com/ or download it on your Android phone. If you have an iPhone, you can access the site on the website as there is no mobile application for the iOS platform. Then you need to pick a username (it can be anything), your age, location, and gender. You have the option to turn on GPS to detect the location automatically; else, you need to enter the name of your country only. Then click on the “Join Chat” button- and you will be able to initiate a chat with a stranger.

If you upgrade to premium membership of Chatiw, you need to pick a username, your e-mail address, and keep a password. Then you need to select a plan and make a payment using PayPal. So, even if you register as a paid member, you still do not need to provide any information about yourself except for the e-mail address.

How To Sign-Up On This Chatting Platform; How Much Time Does It Take?

Is It Possible To Unmatch A Member On Chatiw?

You do not have to match with a user on this platform to chat with the person. Once you join the site, you can see the list of users on the left side. You can click on any of that and initiate the conversation. So, there is no option to unmatch a member. Moreover, once the conversation is over, the chat history gets deleted after a few minutes. You will not be able to access chat history even after an hour.

Is there any difference between guest and registered member’s access?

When you join as a guest on this free site, you do not need to register yourself. You don’t have to enter your e-mail address or phone number. You can join Chatiw by entering a random username, your age, gender, and location. However, if you wish to join as a member, you need to upgrade to VIP membership. When you upgrade, you need to provide your e-mail address, pick a password, and provide your payment information. You can make payments using PayPal.

Mobile Application And It’s Functionalities

Chatiw has a mobile application available for Android phones only. There is no mobile application for iPhone users until now. However, there is a report that the site is affiliating with iTunes, so the iPhone users may access the app, though no official announcement has been made from either side. The app is free to download from Google Play Store. It has all the functionalities as the Chatiw website. You can access it while you are traveling or even while having your meal.

The app comes with a similar interface to the website. The search button is at the bottom-left of the screen while the Logout icon is at the bottom-right of the display. The top panel has a chat history, profile, and message icon. The members’ list is between the top and bottom panel. You can initiate a chat by tapping on any username. Once you are on a chat with someone, you can return to the home page by tapping the home button. Overall, the Chatiw app is very user-friendly and more convenient than the website.

Mobile Application And It’s Functionalities

Can You Download The Application From The Site?

Unfortunately, there is no option to download the app from the website. As of now, you have to download it from the Google Play Store for Android users. The iOS users can access this chat site from the website only.

Is The Site Available For The Mobile Version?

There is no mobile version of the website available, but the desktop version can be used on mobile phones smoothly. If you are an iPhone user, you have to access the site on the mobile phone. Even the desktop version of the website is designed nicely to use on a mobile phone. It hardly makes any difference.

What About The Availability Of The Apps On The “Google Play Store” And “Apple Store”?

The app is currently available only for Android phones, and the users can download it from the Play store. It is yet to be available for the Apple phone. They can still use the Chatiw website to take advantage of this free chat platform.

Is The Application Convenient For Users?

The mobile app is more convenient than the website. You can use it anywhere; you don’t need to carry a laptop for that. You can access it by a few taps of your finger. Once you open the app, it can automatically access your location if you allow it, and then you need to enter a username, age, and gender, and you are ready to chat with any stranger. The Chatiw app does not log you out as frequently as it is on the website. Moreover, it is easy to return to the home screen from any chat window by just a tap on the home icon.

Cost And Features Of The Platform

The chat tool has both the free as well as paid versions. The free version has all the features for chatting with a stranger, but the paid version adds more fun to your chatting experience. It has some great features that you may find very useful, and most Chatiw Reviews also confirm it. So, here is a list of all the features of the paid version of the site. It is called the VIP Membership on this site.

  1. It will not bother you with the annoying ads. It is irritating when you see ads coming while engrossed in a chat; the paid version helps you get rid of that.
  2. You also don’t have to enter the captcha every time to prove that you are not a robot.
  3. You can reserve a username for yourself, and no one will be able to use it.
  4. There will be a VIP badge on your profile, and your profile will be above the free users on the list.
  5. You can send unlimited messages to any and every member.
  6. You will have access to send numbers, links on the chat window.
  7. There is dedicated customer service for the VIP members.
  8. It allows you to block certain users on priority who you find irritating.

As you have got to know the paid membership features, you must be interested to know how much you have to spend to avail that. In the following part of this Chatiw review, you will see a chart to show you different plans for the paid membership.

Plan Duration Total Cost Cost per month
One Month 29.99 USD 29.99 USD
Six Months 25.95 USD 4.33 USD
Twelve Months 49.95 USD 4.16 USD
Lifetime 99.95 USD NA

Contact Information Of The Officials

The site does not provide much information about itself. There is no physical address, e-mail address, or phone number found on the website. The contact information below is based on different online resources.

  • Company: Chatiw Ltd.
  • Address: United States
  • Phone: Not Available
  • E-Mail: [email protected]

Conclusion Of The Review

This Chatiw review is an extensive writeup about this online chat platform. It is for fun and chatting with a random person. The site’s idea is to help people talk to strangers and build relationships; however, many users are fake on this platform as there is no verification done by the site. So, security remains a concern, but if you follow the site’s safety tips, the chances of anything wrong are minimal. You need to be a responsible user if you wish to use this platform.

The website and the app are simple so that anyone can use it without any technical know-how. In terms of other features, the platform has some great features like the blog and video chat, which enhances your experience on this site. Some Chatiw reviews compare it with dating sites, which are not correct. It is a free platform for chatting with mostly straight people. Most of the time, you will receive a chat conversation from the opposite gender. Nevertheless, you can use Chatiw to chat with unknown people and find someone interesting.

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