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Mennation Review: A Complete Review of the Famed Platform

Mennation Review: A Complete Review of the Famed Platform
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 22-30
Profiles 370 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website offers an in-depth filtering feature that tends to each of the user's preferences and needs.
  • The customer service and support facilities of the Mennation website are simply amazing. The customer service helpline is available 24/7 for the user’s convenience.
  • The safety and security of user's personal information and sensitive pictures is the platform's number one priority and has been given the utmost importance over the years.
  • The premium membership plan’s rates are effectively low than others and much more affordable for the common user.
  • The user base of Mennation has people from all over the globe, with the same intent of finding potential versatile men to spend one or more nights with.
  • All features on the website aren’t free.
  • Proper verification of profiles doesn’t take place on the platform.
  • The website is a part of a vast network of dating sites. Hence there is a high chance that users' database is shared on these sites.
  • There is no mobile application of the platform.

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After reading this Mennation review, users will have a clear vision in their minds if they want to indulge in an app like this or not. It is an online dating platform for gay men, including all categories of differently sexually-oriented men; the site is open to use for all gay, bi-sexual, bi-curious, and homosexual men who are in search of someone to share their deepest desires and romantic or sexual fantasy for a night or more. With over 24 years in business from the time it was launched in 1996, Mennation has acquired over 100 million active users. Around 1 million new users join up every month, with anywhere between 40,000 – 100,000 users online at all times. These figures are enough to prove itself and how big a success this website has been.

The main reason why the platform has gained so much popularity is that the website encourages its users to open up about their sexuality freely, with no eyes to judge. It’s all about the burning passion for sexual desire, which leads to a more peaceful mind with a relaxed physique. Now, if you wish to bring this pleasure into your life, before registering, go through my Mennation review, which will clarify any potential queries and motivate you to join. It will help you to follow the dos and don’ts to note for this website.

What are the languages Mennation support?

The users who don’t have verbal or oral communication fluency in English can choose their comfortable language from the list of languages available on the bottom left area on the home page of Mennation. In total, the platform supports over 11 languages, including English.

Who founded Mennation?

Although it is an unknown fact about who founded this platform back in 1996, currently, the website is operated by Various Inc. It is a part of the AdultFriendFinder network, which has one of the biggest user databases in the entire world and is one of the most reputed organizations in the world of online dating.

Where does Mennation administer from?

As the survey shows, among over 100+ million active users, with almost 60+ million are from the USA, the main office of the Mennation website in the USA is in Campbell, California. The website offers its services throughout the international market and has expanded roughly to all possible hubs globally. The website in the European Union operates from Colchester Essex, a town in England. In Australia, the site operates from Queensland and has another Singapore office, covering roughly all popular destinations for the website to attract customers.

When was Mennation founded?

The website was launched in 1996 and has been operated by Various Inc. and partnered with many other organizations.

Can Mennation control room be situated in any country of the world

Most users are from the USA, while others are from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, and other continents where homosexual dating is imbued in culture. With over ten languages available on the website, we can assert that Mennation operating center can be anywhere in the world.

When was Mennation founded?

Why does Mennation stand out uniquely?

Mention has some unique features and tempting packages that people love to materialize their yearning via this site. Some impressive perks which make this website special mentioned in some popular Mennation reviews are:

Live Shows

One of the most useful features that the platform has is the ability to host live shows. Users can start their live show, where other users can join by paying a certain amount and enjoying the visual treat. This way, both parties on the platform enjoy, and the host can make a little bit of side money. There are a few requirements that the user has to match to be paid for hosting a live show.

An exemplary feature where hot and sexual images or even GIFs of all users are displayed in one place, for people to browse through and seek the user they find attractive through the pictures they upload. Anyone and everyone can avail of this feature on Mennation. Hence one should be careful while uploading a picture of theirs, making sure it is not too personal and revealing.

Erotica and Erotic Stories

A particular section of the platform is dedicated to erotica and erotic stories dedicated to its users and by the users. This section includes stories submitted by users around the world for others to read and indulge sexually in. This feature is so important as it increases the value of the website; it doesn’t just remain an online gay dating platform anymore, where one can potentially hookup with other people, but a place where a user can explore themselves and their sexuality and promote and publish it in the form of erotica on the Mennation website.

Advanced Filtering

The users can quickly get into their desired result filtering out some options like nationality, education, type of figure, race, and save the combination of choices for using them later. Users can customize their profiles on this platform, adding an introduction, profile picture, some brief information, and writing a precise personal connotation so that you can decide whether that person is a perfect match for you or not.


The users can express their feelings by writing on a blog. They can write about themselves or their queries so that other people can know what they are looking for and even answer or write how it has influenced their lives or one’s personal experience with Mennation.


Quality of profiles

All the accounts are constantly verified and monitored regularly. For finding out the perfect partner matching their choices, they carefully customize their profiles by stating their personal information, setting an impressive profile picture, mentioning their hobbies, personal desires on the platform. Almost everyone on this website maintains an impressive profile, making this platform more reliable and developing side by side. Since the platform is available in several countries, it is obvious that the range of users varies according to their race and ethnicity. People of all beliefs and colors can make use of the online platform and get the best out of it.

An effective suggestion for capturing the interest of gay, bi-sexual or bi-curious men is to give genuine information, which is the main driving force behind the website’s workings. This website stands out from others because of its dedication and authentication. That means they already know how to accept their own self and flourish to one’s skin. Out of all the Mennation reviews out there, this particular review promises to keep you updated all about the platform.

Age distribution

People of different age groups are welcomed here. Among them, male users on the platform vary in the age category from 18 to over 55, while the users in 24-34 and over 55 years age group are the most in this platform.

To use the platform or any of its services, one must either be

1) minimum 18 years old

2) considered adult according to the law of age restriction in their country to access Mennation.

Fakes and scammers

As it happens with many other websites, cases of fraud profiles are present here too. The fake profiles are either inactive, or some of them try to cheat people. But it’s a relief that operators monitor the profiles regularly and detach the inactive accounts or suspicious profiles. Among any other Mennation reviews available on the internet, this review suggests that you should not send money or reveal any confidential information or very common like official email ID.

From which devices Mennation accessible?

Mention does not have an application, and one can access this website from mobile or computer.

Mennation: the App

There is no dedicated app for Mennation. So you can open any web browser on a computer or mobile phone to access this website.

Mennation: the Website

This platform was launched as a website in 1996 and has grown to a larger community now. It’s been remodeled a lot since then, and the result is very pleasing and promising. The way this website is designed makes the users feel accepted the moment they join. People can relate to the images on the home page; the color scheme chosen is calming and comforting at the same time. Additionally, people can open it from a mobile device browser if they don’t possess a desktop or laptop in their home.

Does the app work on a computer?

No designated application is developed on the Mennation website to date. You can access it from any web browser.

Which web browsers are compatible with Mennation?

You can launch this website from any known browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Not able to enter the site?

A lot of times, if a user can not log in to the page, that means either he didn’t follow the guidelines or did something against the policy and blocked by the admin. It also happens when many fellow users on this page are reporting against him for unethical or offensive behavior. If you are sure you haven’t indulged in any activity mentioned above, then you should consider checking if your credentials are correct or not before signing in to the website; either you haven’t accepted the confirmation or entered the wrong user ID or password.

Not able to enter the site?

Design and Usability

The Mennation website is created considering the main purpose of this platform. No one needs any prior instruction to navigate through the pages, and they can find the inconvenient options position. So people can easily explore the web pages, and the use of modern styles, fonts, and themes makes it more attractive to the users.

Steps of Registration and login

These are the steps required for a user to register on the website properly:

Step 1: Users need to fill in if they are single or a couple.

Step 2: Users then put their birth date, country, and zip code.

Step 3: Next, the user needs to enter their email ID, profile name, and password.

Step 4: This step includes the filling out of the user’s sexual preference, body type, race, and marital status.

Step 5: It is required to give a short introduction title for your profile or a bio, as more commonly called. However, it is the user’s choice if you want to write a short paragraph about yourself.

How to un-match a Mennation member?

Users can simply un-match other users by clicking un-match on the other user’s profile or the matches section on the platform.

What is the minimum age required to register?

The minimum age required to register to this website is 18 years.

How to verify Mennation account?

Users will see the option of verification while joining this website.

How to verify E-mail?

Email verification is not required.

Should one sign-up using Facebook account?

You can’t register from a Facebook account

Is registration mandatory in order to use Mennation?

Yes, you have to register before using it.

Process to crate profile in Mennation

It sounds fun to build up your profile because you only have to enter your hobbies, interests, choices, dislikes, and desires. However, if you carefully crate your profile, taking more time, the Mennation review helps you to find a partner who is of your type, and most importantly, other users can know who you are and might be interested in you.

How to delete an uploaded photo on Mennation?

The photos can be deleted by tapping on the ‘delete’ button shown beside the photo.

How to edit username on Mennation?

Editing one’s username is very simple. Just open your profile, find your user name, and click on “edit.”

Can I delete Mennation account?

You can remove your Mennationaccount by clicking “delete” from your account settings.

What if anyone disables the “Show me” in this website?

There’s no option of disabling features.

Is the information submitted on Mennation deletable?

Yes, it is. One can edit or remove any information from your profile by clicking on accurate options from account settings.

Is the information submitted on Mennation deletable?

Searching profiles

You can explore other profiles from the Search Bar mentioned on the page. There’s also an option for keyword-wise search.

Can I visit liked Mennation members?

Yes. You can find the profiles you liked and save them as Hot or Not category. The profiles will be saved in your like profiles menu.

What are different categories available in Mennation Search?

There is more than one kind of search that a user performs. Users can enter specific choices or keywords in the search bar. Users can spend time figuring out the smallest of details that they want perfect. One can look for their preferred physique, their bedroom fantasy, et cetera.

Can you view who liked your profile in Mennation if you do not book premium membership?

No, not everyone can see who liked them. This feature is one of the paid features on the website.


To find a partner who suits your personality, you have to talk to others and know them personally. You can message anyone from the profiles. You can engage in chatting instantly with anyone.

How to send message on Mennation?

If you register as a paid member, you can send messages to anyone.

How to message another user?

If you register as a paid member, you can send messages to anyone.

Is messaging is free?

Yes, you can message another member on the Mennation website is free.

How to see who messages on Mennation?

You can open the message box to read the messages.

How to use camera on Mennation?

One can use the camera in many ways on this website. Most users use it for previously captured images, but here one can even host live video shows and hence can make use of the camera while at it.

How to filter out who can message me on Mennation?

You can’t filter out someone’s message. However, you can always block another user if need be.

How to filter out who can message me on Mennation?

How much does Mennation cost and Payment Method

Free Membership Features

One can enjoy free membership features during the trial period. The free membership gives you the impression on the site, allows you to search profiles, and use the basic messaging functions.

First of all, paying for the paid membership will remove ads off the platform; second, the premium plan will give the user’s profile preferential positioning and increase communication with other platform users. If you plan to become the platform’s frequent user, this Mennation review will encourage you to buy the premium membership. It is not expensive and can be purchased by all users.

Does Mennation has paid membership option?

Yes, it does.

How to cancel Mennation membership?

One cannot cancel their membership on this website.

Is Mennation membership automatically renewed?

No, the users will have to pay for it again.

Is there a refund policy for inactive period?

No such policy is there.

Is the “support” to Mennation for auto-renewal of membership?

No policy for auto-renewal of membership.

Not happy with Mennation? How to get the money back?

No, there is no such policy.

How will the Mennation assistance service be shown on the payment invoice?

No information is available.

How to give my help to other members Mennation members?

No, there is no such policy.

Is there a membership period for one month?

Yes, there is, and it will cost you $34.95 for the entire month.

Is there a membership period for one month?

Is Mennation Really Safe?

Though it may seem their verification measure is not much intense, they look into the cases if someone complains about any fraud. There is also an option for accepting cookies and privacy policies. Someone can easily report against a member who seems to be indulging in suspicious activity. Their technical support team is always monitoring the website activity.

Privacy on Mennation

User’s private information and data are always kept hidden from trespassers.

Is ever Mennation conversation encrypted?

Conversations are not encrypted.

Can Mennation track you down?

Someone can locate any user from his IP address.

Can Police trace Mennation users?

Anyone can be traced from their IP address.

How to call for assistance in case of need and requirement?

Follow this Mennation review for more information or go through their blogs. Users can also call (669)208-0363 for help and support.

Safety of Users

The operators of this website are dedicated to maintaining its good standard and impression for a long. They take extra care to see if any fraud account is scamming or behaving against the rules.

Are Mennation Forums prioritized differently?

It can be assumed that the forum threads are not prioritized. However, if someone reports against another user, that matter is investigated immediately.

What measures will be taken against a user who uses Mennation Account to trade money?

That account will be banned permanently from Mennation membership.

Blocked profiles

If a user act against the regulation of Mennation, that account will be banned.

What is the reason behind difficulty while accessing into Mennation?

If a user can not access the website, he has acted against the rules or offended the website’s regulation, thus being blocked.

What is the period of Mennation banning account?

If Mennation bans an account, that profile is blocked permanently.

Is there any possibility to get back one’s banned account?

One can not get back his banned account in Mennation.

Keep safe from treachery

One should maintain safety on their own accord. If someone wants to see your private information or demand money, be alert and block immediately. Also, you can report against that account, and the Mennation admin will look into the matter.

How can I block or report against suspicious activity?

You can block or report against a user from the necessary options available besides profile.

Which information should be hidden on your Mennation Account?

Your private information like payment information, login credentials, private data, address, personal contact info should not be set in public.

Technical assistance

The technical team is always keeping an eye on the activities going on on the Website. They are dedicated to maintaining the transparency and good impression of this website. They take immediate steps if someone is reported repeatedly by many users.

Technical assistance

Live review

I was able to find a great man here, we had some really cool time together! This website offers a good opportunity to satisfy your desire for dating, hookup, or sexual intercourse with members of the gay, bi-sexual, bi-curious community.

Is Mennation the best among all the dating websites?

It can be assumed in this Mennation review that this website is one of the best of this kind.

Is it safe to use Mennation?

Yes, it’s safe to use, but you should maintain your own safety from scammer and fakes by hiding your confidential information.

Does Mennation a hook-up community?

Yes, it can be classified as one.

Is Mennation free?

It’s not completely free, and one has to pay to avail of the premium membership features.

How does Mennation functions?

It functions like the other online dating platforms with a simpler interface.

Is there any fraud account in Mennation?

Fake profiles and scammers are everywhere without any exception for this website. However, the number of trechary is less on this website.

Alternative to Mennation

Some other popular dating websites are Growlr, AdultFriendFinder, Thaifriendly, etc., which are dedicated to the same intention as Mennation.

How to call for assistance

Company: Various Inc.

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008

Phone: 888-575-8383


Gay, bi-sexual and bi-curious people are always cast aside or laughed at because they express their desire openly when most people find it shameful as their intention does not match with others. Mention has managed to gather up and motivate gay, bi-sexual, and bi-curious persons and transgender men to satisfy their passion and yearning for compassion. There’s no argument for accepting that Mennation is one of the best platforms dedicated to gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men who are in search of a life partner or something casual like a hookup that lead to something meaningful; this website has made their dreams come true who longs for a soulmate or sex partner of a similar mindset.

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