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MeetMe Review 2023: Details, Price, Benefits, and Drawbacks

MeetMe Review 2023: Details, Price, Benefits, and Drawbacks
About Site
Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 45%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 59 000
Reply Rate 69%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The MeetMe website's benefits are multiple, and the first is its allowance to implement various features even in the free account.
  • A fun element has been added by introducing gifts and games in the wholesome dating experience.
  • It guides the user and is entirely user-friendly, helping the older people get hold of the app, not that savvy in the technological arena.
  • The live broadcast is a feature that not only popularises but also gives the satisfaction of maintaining an audience; this audience can contribute to their earning in the form of diamonds.
  • One can also send gifts to someone via a message accumulated to reap benefits shortly as long as one uses the app.
  • Access to anonymous surfing is restricted to premium users, and they can choose how long they remain secretive. This feature cannot be used by free users with no active subscription plans.
  • The chatbox contains messages from users and the app, too, in the same thread, leading to confusion because the designs make the auto-generated messages appear as a user account. The chatbox also allows reply to every chat, which in turn complicates the understanding even more. The company's texts come off with a photo of a man/woman on the show that creates confusion if it is a user who wants to connect or the creators of the app asking for feedback.
  • The profiles of MeetMe are not well detailed. Therefore, the criteria for searching is also limited.
  • The mobile application contains many advertisements and also does not offer a proper "Search" option.

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If you are tired of the so-called dating sites and want to enjoy features free of cost, then MeetMe is a perfect place where you can enjoy the features of both social media sites and dating sites. Being established by the Meet Group in 2005, the dating site allows teenagers as well as adults. Just like any other modern video dating site, this platform is also open to single individuals from the LGBTQ community without any registration.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Similar to other MeetMe reviews, this review also discussed the two sides of the coin and how it impacts the user experience.

Design and Functionality of the Website

MeetMe Design and Functionality of the Website

The MeetMe website and phone app are visibly different; the app is the more modern one. After registration, it asks the two most basic questions to identify your gender and sexual preference and then presents you with a full display of multiple users that you can connect with. In the bottom end, there are five destinations. The first is the locals, where several users are shown together in bubbles. It is the home or default page.

Next is the live option, which can help earn revenues from the community by gaining diamonds and likes that can be used to pay fees and can be transformed into real money. Then comes chat, which is at the centre of the design that emphasizes lucid communication. Following it is the match option for people who are tired of their monotonous life and want to settle down with someone trustworthy and lovable. The last menu is “Me,” where you can personalize your account and add media, and bio, and other baits.

Thus, the critical element is articulating communication with ‘live’ to earn money and ‘match’ to find love on both sides. At the endpoints are you and your potential dates who are meant to know more about each other by sharing and listening. The structure of the MeetMe is accurately planned so that users can easily navigate and locate all the essential features. The web pages’ high speed also gives a more fluent and smooth dating experience for its members. Your dating experience is not interrupted by lags or glitches. So, you expect to get a well-arranged dating experience from MeetMe.

Unique Features of MeetMe

Unique Features of MeetMe

MeetMe is a perfect combination of social media networks and dating platforms. It is made with distinct features to provide users with a fulfilling dating experience. Taking the earlier MeetMe reviews into consideration, it is undoubtedly true that the online dating experience is incomplete without its unique features, which include-

  1. The multiple user views: This feature allows you to visit 15 people on the screen. This does not focus on particular individuals. Instead, it promotes plurality and hope of getting a partner because many people are looking for partners. The partner is here used in a broad sense, mostly casual as this site is – this specific view goes with that standard smoothly. So, it is unique because it suited the app so well. The variety is the unique perk of this app, but it also allows specific interests to bloom as one uses it for a considerable period.
  2. Secret admirer: This is a playful approach of MeetMe to fixing a date. Here, you are given five images to guess from them who is your secret admirer, given that there is one. If you suspect it right, you get a date. And if you do not, the whole lot evaporates without giving any second chances. This amusement is an antidote that can lighten up users’ moods going through a lot in their own lives.
  3. Live broadcast: The pros of conducting a live stream are that it contributes to attaining rewards by the user and helps gain popularity and communicate with more members spontaneously. The Live broadcast is a prominent feature across social media platforms, and as MeetMe is declared to be a hybrid of social media and dating platforms, live is such an option that combines the two.
  4. Questions: Auto-generated questions are a feature that helps the user to start up an interaction even if they are at a loss of words. This is mainly helpful for the first interaction when it is still unknown how the other person is and what they might like.
  5. Quickpick method: This system’s idea is that it allows one to visit several people at a time and can focus and open up a profile of some unique user as per individual choices. It is an alternative to Tinder’s swipe system that shakes off the responsibility by liking or disliking certain users. In contrast, MeetMe encourages to develop communication and, thus, to forge meaningful connections.

Does MeetMe Follow Safety and Privacy Policies?

Does MeetMe Follow Safety and Privacy Policies?

MeetMe takes complete responsibility for securing the personal and financial data of every user. All the financial transactions are protected from third-party apps and users’ interruption with the data encryption process’s help. The safety rules and privacy policies have been described on the website in detail. You should follow them while interacting with fellow members. It is wise not to entertain suspicious members or those who ask for monetary support. Due to the absence of a profile verification process, scammers and fake embers can exist on the MeetMe website. Using the “friends-only” feature, your whole profile can be made solely accessible to your friends. This feature helps to keep the information in your profile safe from the eyes of undesirable users. The best option is to block or unmatch such members who try to infringe your privacy. If any member violates the website’s rule, their account is banned from the website by their administration. The customer support will be connected 24/7 on the website through email, or you can even choose to call on the helpline number within the specified hours. Finally, this MeetMe review will consider this dating site as secure for users’ online dating experience.

Quality of Profiles on This Platform

Quality of Profiles on This Platform

The profiles of MeetMe are less detailed than its alternative dating sites. There is only necessary information, such as name, location, gender, relationship status, sexual preference, age, etc. There is a section called biography where the user can write about his personality. However, there are no other particular fields on the website where users can mention their interests and hobbies. There is no procedure for verifying the profiles, and there are no strict rules against fake pictures. Every member can view profile pictures, and you can choose to modify the profile information later. However, there is a unique privacy feature using which you can choose to make your profile only accessible to friends for keeping your profile information safe from unwanted and random users.

However, the shortage of detailed profiles does not hamper the dating experience as most members join this dating site for casual relationships and time pass purposes. The legitimate age limit to open your profile on this dating site is 13 years, which is quite different from the usual age limit of 18 years. Most of the members on this site are citizens of Australia. MeetMe does not discriminate against members based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion. Therefore, you will find people from different backgrounds who enjoy the activities of the website. Even the website welcomes people from the LGBTQ community just like any other dating sites. According to most of the MeetMe reviews, the profile quality of this dating site is average.

How to Sign up on the Website?

The registration process of MeetMe is quick and does not require many details to be filled up, which has both positive and negative sides. The positive aspect is that you can complete the whole registration process very quickly within 1-2 minutes. On the contrary, it is a negative side because a lack of verification process can lead to the rising number of scams and fake profiles on MeetMe. It only needs necessary information such as name, gender, sexual preference, location, birth date, password, etc. for a successful sign-up. Also, members don’t have the scope to mention their interests and choices to make their profile attractive on the MeetMe website. However, it is one of the most recommended dating sites, which offers membership to the LGBTQ community members. Uploading a profile picture is not mandatory during registration. Users receive matches instantly after they complete the sign-up process. You can conveniently enter your user’s account anytime by logging in with a password and username.

Does the Site Offer the Option to Unmatch a MeetMe Member?

In case you don’t feel right about a member’s activity and have doubts about his or her identity, you can choose to unmatch or block the member to stop him or her from contacting you. However, the particular user will not receive any notification that you have blocked or unmatched them.

Is There Any Difference Between Guest and Registered Member’s Access?

Guest members can access public platforms such as FAQ, privacy policy, Terms, and Conditions. In contrast, only the registered members can use the dating site’s real communication features and get the matchmaking services’ advantage. Being a guest member, you can make an overall idea about the website’s guidelines and then decide whether to register on MeetMe.

The Mobile App of MeetMe

The Mobile App of MeetMe

The mobile application of MeetMe indeed offers a remarkable dating experience as it is available on both Android and iPhone devices. You cannot miss out on the app if you are an on-the-go user or don’t have the scope to use a desktop. Most of the MeetMe reviews consider the app more functional than the desktop version as this platform offers some app-only features like Secret Admirer and Quickpick. Compared with the desktop, the app offers a more eye-catching layout to give a more soothing user experience.

Is It Possible to Download the Application From the Site?

On the MeetMe website home page, you will find two options, “Get it for Android” and “Get it for IOS.” If you click on the first option, then you will be guided to Google Play Store, where you can download the application on your Android, and the second option will lead to Apple App Store, where you can download the app for your iPhone device.

Do Mobile Browsers Support the Site?

The MeetMe website pages are appropriately structured and optimized to give the users a complete online dating experience. Therefore, you will not have any difficulty in smoothly accessing the site on your respective mobile browsers.

Can the Application Be Installed From Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

It is possible to install the application from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store on your Android and iPhone devices.

Does the App Offer a User-Friendly Experience?

The app is a better option than the MeetMe website in terms of both design and functionality. It is also more user-friendly as all the features are expressed through several signs, and just a tap can lead you to other pages of the site. The app has a smooth function and also comes with some extra features to enjoy.

Price Details for Membership

Price Details for Membership

Like other online dating platforms, MeetMe also has an option to use the website for free. However, if you want to take your online dating experience to the next level, there is no better decision than choosing a premium membership plan.

Judging by other alternative dating sites and former MeetMe reviews, it can be perceived that the monthly subscription of MeetMe is the lowest profitable option. Again, it is the cheapest pack, too, where the user has to pay 6.99 USD every month. The other options cut down your standard charge by a month, but it is more money at one go. These opportunities are two packages of three months and six months, costing a total amount of 16.99 USD and 24.99 USD, respectively. However, the monthly cost reduces if you take a long-term plan for your MeetMe membership.

PayPal, Credit card, or Debit cards can be used for making the payment of premium membership plans. The plan will automatically go on after you choose any available subscription options. Later, if you change your mind, you can unsubscribe any time you please. Some guided steps of account settings will lead you to complete your requirement. If further problems arise, you can easily connect to any of the representatives by calling the helpline number or dropping a mail of inconvenience.

The chart below describes the duration, cost, and total amount of three premium membership plans.

Duration Cost Total Amount
1 Month 6.99 USD/ Month 6.99 USD
3 Months 5.66 USD/Month 16.99 USD
6 Months 4.17 USD/Month 24.99 USD

In case you are unsure about what extra benefits you will get after subscribing to a premium membership, you can compare between the free and premium features of the dating site and decide for yourself what suits you best.

This dating site has free features like-

  1. The registration takes no charge.
  2. You can even build your account by adding personal details and photos, free of charge.
  3. You can go live and collect diamonds or send those who are living to support each other.
  4. Although it is mainly a site for casual dating and not marriage prospects or long-term relationships, however, even in the free version, you can get access to matchmaking features and choose your preferred matches.
  5. Free users may also get a complete view of fellow members’ profiles depending on their privacy settings and subscription status. However, they cannot see who liked them unless they like them back on a free arrangement.

The Premium membership plan is doubtlessly more luxurious. Some perks can be listed as:

  1. The option of sending messages is open to all, and even suggestive questions are presented to give a conversation a good start regarding the recipient’s personality on the MeetMe platform. Once the message is sent, the sender’s identity remains hidden until a reply comes from the other end, but to sustain this anonymity. However, the reply status is only offered to premium members.
  2. You can avail of the app’s tools to feature your best photos, taken from all the best angles. This can be used as a social media platform as the creator’s claim, or you can level up your game by flaunting and rejoicing in this merry land, high on life.
  3. You can get full access to the feature of chatting with no constraints such as SMS limit or time restrictions.
  4. Premium membership allows you to see those members who adored you on MeetMe and decide in your own sweet time you will choose from them.

This MeetMe review suggests that premium membership is meant to give a better experience indeed. Still, suppose you cannot commit to a premium membership or are nearing bankruptcy. In that case, you can always give the free version a try or purchase credits to enhance some particular aspects of your dating experience.

Credit works like the dating site’s currency and is used for boosting the profile so that it comes at the top rank in the search results. You can also apply the credits to buy diamonds and present them to the live streamers of MeetMe.

The chart below describes the cost of credits according to the number of credits you buy.

Credits Cost Total Amount
500 Credits 0.01 USD/Credit 4.99 USD
2000 Credits 0.01 USD/Credit 14.99 USD
3700 Credits 0.01 USD/Credit 24.99 USD
16500 Credits 0.01 USD/Credit 99.99 USD

Contact Details of the Platform

  • Company: The Meet Group, Inc.
  • Address: 100 Union Square Drive New Hope, PA 18938
  • Phone: (215) 862-1162
  • E-Mail: [email protected]

Final Verdict

The careful study of MeetMe proves that it is not the most suitable dating site for those looking for serious or committed long-term relationships. However, in case you want to go beyond the monotonous schedule of your daily life and enjoy casual chitchats and short-term relationships at a minimum price, then MeetMe is your perfect destination.

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