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Feeld Review: A Great Dating Site?

Feeld Review: A Great Dating Site?
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 29-35
Profiles 840 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Many gender identities and sexuality options are available on Feeld.
  • You can register as a couple.
  • iPhone and Android apps are available for free downloads.
  • Incognito mode.
  • Some profiles do not use real photos.
  • Free membership is limited to minimal functions.
  • No desktop version.

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Dimo Trifonov launched the Feeld app, formerly known as 3nder, in 2014. He developed it for people who want to have more than just one partner. When he got to know that his girlfriend wanted to have relationships with many people, he decided to create a virtual space for this kind of relationship. It is a unique platform with users of different sexualities and nationalities who come together to follow their desires, ranging from threesomes to casual hookups. The platform encourages like-minded people to satisfy their needs without any sort of judgment or fear. Don’t mistake the app’s intention; it promotes ethical non-monogamy – when all parties involved know the circumstances and have agreed to them.

The Feeld website does not limit itself in any way whatsoever and keeps on reaching new horizons, all while breaking stereotypes. Approximately 700,000 connections are made per month; this is a glimpse of such a colossal community Feeld has gathered.


How Does Feeld Work?

We analyze several dating apps, but the Feeld review stands out with its clear approach towards sexual affairs, so the members do not have to tiptoe around others, trying to guess what either of them wants out of the experience.

The Feeld app lets everyone see your profile, including all of your information. Feeld matches you with individuals according to your page data; after that, it is up to you whether to start a conversation or look for someone else. If you find someone interesting, you can take it offline if things get hot.

There are various search filters: age, gender, sexuality, and even interests; you can type basically anything that gets you going. With such a high number of users, there’s no way you won’t find someone who will match your vibe.

All in all, Feeld helps you form new casual bonds and discover random people who have a similar mindset. Once you match with an individual, you can go ahead and start chatting or even meet offline.

Signing up at Feeld

First and foremost, we will review the registration process and other crucial aspects for you to join this diverse community.

To sign up, you need to link your Facebook profile or use your email. This allows the algorithm to keep their platform free of fake profiles and prove that you are a real person. Furthermore, when you sign up, the Feeld website can collect and make a basic structure of your profile in a matter of seconds.

An interesting new feature is the Desired Box, where you can indicate your expectations and what you are looking for. Still, it is not mandatory, and you can get back to this later at your convenience. Then, they require you to specify your sexual orientation and the gender you identify with, mention what you are up to explore since that is all what the Feeld app is about. Following this step, you may add a profile picture, but keep in mind that it needs to be decent and not vulgar in any way; regardless of how inclusive Feeld is, this behavior is still not acceptable.

Last, but certainly not least, are the terms and conditions. You are advised to thoroughly review the document since it contains many rules and limitations. When you are done reading, click on the button that says You Agree, and congratulations, you are officially a member of Feeld!

How to Start Contact?

If you are done with the registration process, you are immediately presented with many choices of members who may appeal to you based on the information you provided. Choose someone and start chatting; surprisingly, it is absolutely free!

How to Start Contact?

Feeld Profiles

We reviewed the audience that Feeld attracts and found out some interesting thing that reflects a lot about its community. The platform is mostly popular in Canada, Germany, the US, and its native country, the UK. Even when presented with such a variety of orientations, the most common one is visibly straight. Furthermore, as you might have already expected, younger people are more inclined towards the Feeld app. The website boasts about a constant rise in members as well as actual connections made online.

Individuals interested in Feeld want to toss out conventional relationships norms; the idea that sexuality on this app seems to be fluid, with no particular boundaries, may help a lot of people understand their desires and turn-ons better.

Unexpectedly, 60% of the accounts are registered as couples, whereas 45% of these members come from the US. The men to women ratio is not balanced (there are more male users registered). Feeld gathers 500,000 active members per week. This app is popular among people aged 24-34.

Feeld is accessible in approximately 53 countries all over the world. If the number of countries mentioned above did not make it obvious, Feeld has managed to capture a huge market share. To make it convenient for members who speak different languages, it is also available in German, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The user profiles are brief, with no nudity allowed in any way, or else you will be blocked. Your profile is manageable later, so you can edit it as per your preference.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles?

The procedure consists of reporting any sort of suspicious behavior to the customer support team, and they will handle it accordingly. However, it is highly improbable that you will come across a fake profile since the moderators are extremely active and constantly review all activities.

Design and Usability of Feeld

The design is modern and gives a fresh feel to the user. They have one-upped the game by making the Feeld app universal. Its success cannot be ignored, considering the vast market share. This feature enables members from any background to understand how to navigate their way through the application.

Unfortunately, Feeld can only be used as an app since there is no desktop version available, but that is not really a limitation. Technology advancements have led users to use mobile devices most of the time. You can find the versions for iOS and Android devices.

The design features swift movements of matches with one simple touch; there may be some minor, hardly noticeable, lags, but your internet connection is usually the culprit behind it. The developers have used the color theory to their advantage; it serves its purpose well and catches your attention. Moreover, you get instant alerts whenever a user drops a message.

Design and Usability of Feeld

Feeld Mobile App

The limitation of the Feeld app doesn’t have to be a downfall since the proportion of mobile users all over the world is unparalleled to desktop. The mobile application includes all the needed features, even though the window might be considerably smaller compared to a desktop. From signing up to upgrading your membership, everything can be done on the app. The service is universal, meaning it easy to understand no matter what your background or education may be. The Feeld app is simple and fast while you swipe through user profiles looking for the one you want to explore. Feeld enables you to access and get a notification instantly, unlike if it were a desktop version since you cannot always have your desktop nearby and easily open it at all times.

It has so many exciting features that increase your interest levels in scrolling through it. Apart from the fact that the profiles lack details, it is an ideal app for dating whether you are single or a couple.

A distinct feature is that it allows you to make group chats and add more people to keep up and flirt simultaneously to ignite the passion. The application shows the options such as Getting Started, Profile Guide, Troubleshooting, and Membership, highlighted in bold so that you cannot possibly feel lost or get confused.

Special Features

Our expert’s reviews suggest that these are the features that make Feeld what it is:


The search option is provided to customize the kind of person or people (in the case of a couple) you want to explore your sexuality with. The options are so vast that you can randomly explore or look for something specific you had in mind.

Group Chats

The Feeld app openly encourages threesomes; people create group chats where you can all converse and arrange meetings.

Incognito Mode

Are you worried someone will find out what you have been up to on Feeld? Well, let us stop you right there, as there is an incognito mode. It hides your profile from everyone except your connections, meaning the people you select can only find you on the application.

Last Seen

If you think that someone is ghosting you or doubt that the person is really unavailable at the moment, then this might be perfect for you. The feature will allow you to see exactly when the user was last active.

Match Alert

Get an instant notification when someone you swiped right on also swiped right on you. Now you can both have a conversation!

Feeld Cores

This is quite a fascinating feature – it allows you know which regions are the most populated with Feeld members; thus, if you have a desire to match with someone of a specific trait, Feeld cores come in quite handy. Undeniably, as we mentioned in our review earlier, the areas where Feeld has already expanded may also be what we call core locations.

Feeld Cores

Dawn Theme

This feature lets you use the app when you have poor lighting.

Private Photos

When you are a newcomer, you probably won’t be open to the idea of displaying your profile picture to everyone. Thus, this tool allows you to hide it.


You can like a certain member if you connected with them or want to match with them. They will be notified of your interest.

Fluid Identities

Unlike so many of its rivals, the Feeld app presents you with any sexuality or gender identity you belong to, so you can select them when customizing your profile. The gender identities include male and female, but it has come up with other options too, ranging from bigender, agender to trans masculine. Then, moving to sexual identities, they vary from straight to queer or any other sexual identity that a potential user may identify themselves with.

Feeld Costs

The basic membership does not cost you a penny for all the perks included; however, the Majestic membership is a more exclusive group of Feeld members, which is why there are payment plans available:

Majestic membership

Duration Price Total
1 month $ 15.99 per month $ 15.99 per month
3 months $ 10.66 per month $ 31.99

Obviously, the pricing depends on the period you plan to keep using the app. It is worth noting that when you opt for the 1-month subscription, it will not be automatically cancelled when the month ends – you will have to do it manually.

Now we will check what makes the Majestic membership better than the free one, also known as the basic membership.

Basic Membership

  • Profile liking: You can let a user know you like them and start a conversation if the interest is mutual.
  • Registration: You can sign up and customize your profile without any additional fees.
  • Feeld cores: They present areas with a high population of active Feeld members.
  • Search filters: Filter out unnecessary users you do not want to communicate with.
  • Chatrooms: Bond with more than one person in a group conversation.

Premium Membership

In the world of Feeld, it is more commonly known as the Majestic membership.

  • Incognito mode: Hides profile from Facebook friends, so you feel more secure and don’t have to worry about what they think of you.
  • Extra filters: Search with filters to narrow down the results and find your ideal match.
  • Last seen: Find out when a member was last online.
  • Dawn theme: Adjust your brightness levels in accordance with low light scenarios.
  • Ping: Notify the individual when you leave them a message.

Feeld Coupons

Yes, the Feeld app coupons are widely available and offer some discounts.

Feeld Coupons

Verification and Safety

This is one of the sections that we prefer to deeply review since data is a valuable possession for any member. Feeld verifies every user during registration, and your email or Facebook account is required to move further. Thus, the moderators make sure you are a real person and not a scam.

Their customer services are praiseworthy for their responsiveness and reliability. They look into any report or issues and take appropriate actions in accordance with their rules and regulations.

Moreover, they even provide you with an incognito mode, even though it is only available for majestic members; it is still a fantastic feature to make sure people feel secure enough to be their truest self.

You can hide the pictures you have posted and manage who is eligible to see them. However, there are ample restrictions on the kind of photos you upload. They must be decent and should not be inappropriate in any way. The platform reasoned this rule by saying, “The society is not ready yet.” In case you somehow ended up posting a picture that goes against the rules, it is temporarily blurred, and you are notified to remove it. If you do not adhere to their instruction, you may possibly be banned from the app.

Is Feeld a Scam?

Being the most common concern, the app developers state that it is not a scam since all of your data is protected, and Feeld will not allow any third party to get it.

Is Feeld Legit?

It is undeniable that all sites have some scammers; however, there are rarely any on Feeld. Overall, it has a tremendous success rate to satisfy its members’ hidden desires. If you do come across someone with suspicious behavior, we advise you to report them as soon as possible.

Is Feeld Anonymous?

No, Feeld is not anonymous. It sets up a proper profile with your original name and information. This info is showcased to many members all over the application unless you have opted for the incognito mode. Then, you are only hidden from your Facebook friends.

Is Feeld Anonymous?

The Problem With Feeld

Feeld claimed to break all stereotypes and produce something completely new; however, it went back to the traditional methods in several areas – filters and profile management.

Other than the diversity in gender and sexuality, there are not many amusing features that may help one revolutionize the idea of relationships. It is not available on desktops, and many members may feel more comfortable using a desktop version or a website. For an app claiming to be all about freedom of choice, it really missed the mark by not developing a desktop version.

Help and Support

The Feeld website has an extensive list of FAQs; nevertheless, customer support also deals with any further concerns through direct contact.

Feeld reviews data on the app, making sure it is in accordance with the set conditions.

Feeld Alternatives

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Ashley Madison
Feeld Alternatives


How to Delete Messages on Feeld?

You cannot delete messages on Feeld.

How to See Liked Photos on Feeld?

They can’t show every profile that you liked; however, it is under consideration to be added as a feature.

How to Upload Pictures to Feeld?

Go to your profile, click on the person icon, and add a photo.

How Many Users Are There on Feeld?

Feeld has not updated the number of active users. However, the number of downloads has been 1.5 million+ and growing.

What Is Feeld Used for?

Feeld is used to look for like-minded individuals or couples that will lead you to your desires.

Is Feeld a Real Dating site?

Yes, Feeld is used for dating and creating various connections.

How to Delete Account on Feeld?

Click on your profile settings, scroll down, click on app settings, and press Terminate/Delete Account.

Feeld Website: Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Postal address: Feeld Limited, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom.



To conclude our review, the Feeld app is quite good if you have hidden desires and fantasies to explore but afraid to let them out. Feeld is perfect if you want to meet like-minded people and experience your wild dreams.

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