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Apex Overview: What Does It Have to Offer?

Apex Overview: What Does It Have to Offer?
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 72%
Popular Age 27-39
Profiles 120 000
Reply Rate 96%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The most significant advantage of Apex is the fact is that the dating site offers completely free services.
  • The dating site has a fast and direct registration process.
  • According to most Apex reviews, the dating site has unique features, especially "Rating Profiles."
  • The users can search based on location and find members near their areas.
  • You can only communicate with fellow members using text chats. There are no audio and video chat options for building communication on this dating site.
  • Due to the easy registration procedure and lack of identity verification, the number of scammers and fake users are higher on Apex than other alternative dating sites.
  • As there is no process of verifying photographs, you may come across many members who upload fake photographs.
  • There is no Apex website. The dating site is only accessible by the mobile application on Android and iOS devices.

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Don’t want to involve yourself in serious relationships but want to have the experience of online dating? Then, Apex is tailor-made for an individual like you. It was mainly created to serve young single individuals who want to get in touch with new friends and enjoy casual dates and hookups. Moreover, the dating app does not charge any money from its users for any of the features. However, apart from offering services to heterosexuals and homosexuals, Apex does not come under adult dating sites. Apex’s increasing reputation and a good rating on the Play Store or App Store speak for the dating app’s value itself. The app was launched in 2016, and with its unique services and features, it soon became a worldwide hit. Since then, the website has been growing rapidly with users from every part of the world. The website allows everyone to join regardless of their ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds. As per most of the Apex reviews, the platform receives most user traffic from the United States, followed by the European Union, Canada, and Asia.

Are you excited to know more about Apex and its features? Be it information, profile quality, safety measures, and cost, this Apex review will provide you with all the essential information you need to know before signing up on Apex.

Platform Design and Layout

Apex Platform Design and Layout

The platform design is extremely user-friendly, and any new user can get accustomed to the functions and operations on the platform in no time. The makers have kept all the necessary features in mind while creating the platform’s layout structure that provides easy operation and fulfils all the needs of its dynamic users to provide a satisfying user experience. The majority of the Apex user reviews suggest that the platform is very efficient and has the potential for providing ease of operation and convenience of locating essential features. You can access the menu bar from the top left corner of the app. This menu bar allows you to access the following sections of the platform:

  1. Apex Dating
  2. Find a Match
  3. Contests
  4. Statistics
  5. Coin store
  6. Invite friends
  7. Like FB page of the app
  8. Rate the app on the store
  9. FAQ section
  10. Logout button

However, you can quickly get back to the dashboard by closing the menu bar. You will see two user profiles simultaneously instead of one; you will have to vote for one of them. If the user has also voted for you, then you guys can immediately connect. However, if the user has not voted for your profile yet, your profile will be displayed to the user with another profile to vote for one of the profiles. If the user votes for your profile, you get matched with the user. If. If the users do not vote for you, your profile gets demoted and does not appear on the user’s user’s suggestions list until they have exhausted all the new recommendations. Besides this, you can access your matches’ list by taping on the heart-shaped icon; you can view your matches with their pictures, name, age, and access their profiles from this list and send messages to them. The platform also saves your chats with other users, and you can access them anytime by going to the messages tab.

The user-interface and layout provide an excellent level of user satisfaction to its members. With appropriately placed icons, options, and tabs, the app is very easy to use.

Distinctive Features of Apex

Distinctive Features of Apex

Apex may be a free dating app, but it does not mean that you will not enjoy the benefits of special features on this dating site. The unique features of this dating site not only help you to get in touch with like-minded members but also allows you to understand who is suitable for you. Most of the Apex reviews regard the features to this dating site to be practical and useful.

  1. Search Filters: The dating site offers several search filters that you can browse for members according to different parameters such as age, photograph, sexual preference, etc. The location-based search feature is most popular among the search filters, which help you to find suitable partners in your nearby area so that you can easily arrange a meetup or casual date. This feature also serves Apex’s purpose of making new friends or having hookups.
  2. Profile Rating: Rating profiles are one of the unique features that Apex offers to all its users. In this feature, a member is shown two profiles on the site’s screen. You have to vote for one profile among the two displayed profiles. The profile that you vote for will level up in case of popularity. Also, while searching for preferable partners, you should pay attention to the profiles’ rating because the highly rated profiles prove to be genuine on this dating site.
  3. Instant Messaging: The instant messaging feature lets you send messages to your matches and fellow members to make strong communication with your fellow members. The members on Apex are quite active, and they usually respond to the received messages quite fast. However, there are no advanced communication features like video or audio chat.

User Safety and Security on Apex

User Safety and Security on Apex

What makes the user experience on an online dating platform enjoyable aside from quality features and like-minded users? The answer is the assurance of a safe, sound, and carefree environment where users can interact with each other without having to worry about the security of their valuable personal data. That is why Apex gives utmost priority to user safety and security and makes sure that they employ all the latest technologies and follow essential protocols to keep the data safe on their servers. The platform never compromises the security of its users and their information. Aside from this, to curb the data theft and brute force entries, Apex website also uses 256-bit SSL (secure socket layers) servers for online transactions; the SSL servers encrypt the data for an end to end use and save it from the potential threats of theft or hacking. Apart from the above, the platform also enables its members to report and block an abusive and ill behaving user. The blocked user can never view your profile, nor can they contact you. For further assistance, you can seek assistance from the platform’s prompt and helpful customer support team. The website does not leave any stone unturned to ensure the safety of its users on the platform.

Quality of User Profiles

Quality of User Profiles

The user profiles on the platform are incredibly detailed. And the information you provide at the time of registration is not used only for displaying on your profile page; instead, Apex takes this information to derive your dating preferences and then finds you the most appropriate and preferred profile recommendations. Some individuals join online dating websites solely to have online fun, while some come to find a partner with whom they can take things further in the real world. The best part about the platform’s user profiles is that you can see the user’s distance from your location. Therefore, based upon your distance from your prospective date, you can easily decide whether things will remain in the virtual world or be taken further into the real world. The user profiles are also very descriptive that display the users’ personal and sexual preferences and help you decide whether or not the user will match your personality type.

The user profile also shows the picture of its owner, and on any dating platform, the profile picture of the user is what catches the eye of other members and induces them to know more about you. Therefore, it is recommended to use the pictures showing the best of your features, as it enhances your chances of getting a quick match.

If you want to search for user profiles based on specific characteristics, the platform’s search tool will become very handy for you. Apex allows you to search for the user profiles by applying several search parameters that help you narrow down the list of your most preferred prospective dates efficiently.

Sign-Up Process on the Website

Sign-Up Process on the Website

Singing up on the Apex website is very quick, and you can slide into the magical dating world in less than a couple of minutes by providing a few essential details about yourself. But first of all, you will have to download the official app from Google Play Store, APKPure, or Apple App Store based on the operating system of your device. Once done, open the app and follow the procedure detailed hereunder to register on the platform successfully:

  1. Provide your gender
  2. Provide your sexual preference (by selecting the gender you would like to date.)
  3. Provide an active email address (the platform will use this email address only to send you verification links and communicate with you in the future.)
  4. Select a password of your choice (it is recommended to select a strong password to save your profile from the attacks of hackers)
  5. Select a username (try to hide your real identity while selecting the username.)
  6. Provide your date of birth (individuals over 18 years only can join this platform.)
  7. Provide your location (by entering the zip code, the platform uses geolocation data of the users to find them a match in their vicinity)
  8. Provide information about your personal and sexual preferences (the information is gathered through the questions with multiple answers; you have to choose the answer that feels the most relatable to you.)
  9. Provide a profile description/ bio (try to keep your profile bio short yet catchy to lure many users to your profile.)

Once you provide all the information, you will be set to access the services and experience the miraculous wonderland firsthand. The app is based on new and unique concepts that provide an engaging and entertaining experience.

Apex also allows you to join its platform using the Facebook account. Joining the platform through your Facebook is very convenient, and it saves you a great deal of time. For joining the platform using a Facebook account, all you need to do is select the “Log in with Facebook” option; next, you will be redirected to the Facebook login page. Enter your username/ email and password to log into your Facebook account. Once you log into your account, the platform will seek your permission to access your profile data, including your personal information and profile picture. Upon granting permission to the website to access your data, you will be redirected to Apex. All your personal information and your profile picture will be imported on the platform from your Facebook account. The process saves you a lot of your time and effort while ensuring your Facebook account and data safety since the platform never posts on Facebook on your behalf or sells your Facebook data to third parties.

How to Remove a Member From Matches List on Apex?

In case you come across any unpleasant experience on the Apex dating site, you can go to the particular member’s profile and choose the unmatch or block option to prevent him or her from contacting you. The blocked or unmatched member will not receive any notification about your taken action.

Privileges of Premium Membership Over Free Membership

The difference between guest and registered members lies in the unrestricted access of the dating site. The guest members can only get access to the dating site’s guidelines, whereas registered members enjoy unlimited free access to Apex’s available options. As Apex offers its services free of cost, you will only need to complete the registration process successfully to use this dating site’s features. Guest members can go through the dating site’s guidelines and decide to register if they are convinced of Apex’s terms and conditions.

Apex App: Is It Convenient?

Apex App: Is It Convenient?

Apex is a modern dating site that can solely be accessed through the mobile application. The website does not exist, and also, there is no update of creating a good website shortly. The app follows an elegant color combination of black and white. The app is entirely made for people who are busy and always on the go. These people can easily download the mobile application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for using it on their Android and iPhone mobiles. The app is free to download and use. You will also benefit from the presence of various features and smooth functions of the app on your phone.

Is the App Available to Download From the Website

Unlike other popular dating sites, Apex does not offer a desktop version for the users. The only possible way to access the dating site is through the mobile application that you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your individual Android or iPhone mobiles.

Is the Website Accessible from Mobile Phones?

Apex’s pages are specially created for mobile users; therefore, you will not have difficulty using the dating site on your mobile phone browser. Any secured mobile browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox will support Apex’s free access without any possible lags and glitches.

From Where Can You Download the App?

The users are fortunate enough to download the Apex app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The application does not cost any extra charge to download it on your mobile. The features can be used for free.

Is the App Easy to Use?

The Apex app is so user friendly that even not so tech-savvy people can access it without any hesitation. The black and white combination of the app creates an eye-soothing contrast. The texts are inscribed in an understandable and clear font so that users can easily read them. The significant features and pieces of information are highlighted with golden colors to attract the users’ eyes. The app maintains a high-speed and does not frustrate the uses with low speed and lags. You will indeed have a convenient experience on the app and take necessary actions with simple clicks.

Premium Membership Costs

Premium Membership Costs Apex

The users will feel excited to know that Apex does not charge any cost for using its features. It is a free dating platform that comes with essential features to make your online dating experience great. The functions of users on Apex primarily work based on coins. You can achieve coins by increasing the popularity of your profile or purchasing them from the store. However, there is no paid membership plan that you can subscribe to. The Apex review recommends that Apex can be a good start if you are a beginner in online dating.

The chart below describes the price structure of the coins. Members are provided with the option of PayPal wallet to make their payment for purchased coins.

Number Of Coins Price
20 $2.49
200 $19.99
1000 $79.99
4000 $249
10000 $499
20000 $699

The features that you can enjoy for free or based on earned coins on this dating platform include –

  1. Registering on this dating platform is free for users.
  2. Send messages to any member according to your choice.
  3. Apply the search filters to choose your matches.
  4. Block or report the members who are doing inappropriate activities on this platform.
  5. Upload an unlimited number of photographs on your profile.
  6. View the complete profiles of your fellow members.
  7. Communicate with the customer support team in case of any emergency.
  8. Even you can choose to delete your profile if you feel uncomfortable on this dating site.

Contact Details of the Platform

  • Company: Apex Dating
  • Address: New York, United States
  • Facebook: Apex Dating
  • Twitter: @Apex_dating

Final Verdict

Apex Final Verdict

Apex is an outstanding online dating platform for single men and women around the world. The platform has introduced a very innovative and fun way of matching through its profile voting mechanism. With its outstanding features and handy user-interface, the app has been continuously growing in terms of its number. Another reason behind the app’s growing popularity is that it allows its members to use the platform and its features for absolutely free.

But users may need to purchase coins (credits) to use some features beyond their daily exhaustion limit. The platform is open to all single men and women worldwide, and they allow everyone to register on the Apex website irrespective of their Race, Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationality. Since its launch in 2016, the app has grown exponentially and currently has users in every corner of the world. Thanks to the platform’s free search tool and extensive matching system, it is very convenient and effortless to find a like-minded individual on the platform. However, the app does not possess the features of adult dating sites and exclusively provides its services to straight and gay men and women worldwide. Anyone over the age of 18 can register on Apex for absolutely free.

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