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Squirt Review 2023: Details, Price, Benefits, And Drawbacks

Squirt Review 2023: Details, Price, Benefits, And Drawbacks
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 2 536 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website has a large user base. Therefore you can easily find people for random hookups and casual dates.
  • The profiles are quite detailed on this site. So, you will not have any difficulty in getting a clear idea about the member.
  • Squirt offers an option to search members according to your nearby location. This will help you to find people in your locality so that you can easily arrange a meetup or a one night stand.
  • The registration process is fast and easy.
  • In case you are trying to find a long term relationship on this dating site, you will be disappointed.
  • The dating site is plagued with NSFW images.
  • Squirt does not have any mobile application for on-the-go users to easily access the site on their Android and iPhone devices.
  • There is no procedure for identity verification.

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This detailed Squirt review gives you an insight into the world of gay dating on Squirt. Are you a gay or bi man who wants to have some fun in his life with other attractive and handsome men? Now, you can surely do it with Squirt. Being one of the earliest dating sites for gay men, this platform has a very open and straightforward sex approach. It encourages sexual relationships, random hookups, and casual dating between gay and bisexual men. The website is one of the pioneer websites for gay men dating because it was made in 1998. However, it does not entertain transexual or heterosexual single individuals like gay dating sites or usual dating platform.

Through this Squirt review, you will clearly understand whether you should join this platform and use its features to experience gay dating.

Layout And Functionality Of The Website And App

Layout And Functionality Of The Website And App

Being a dating website from 1998, Squirt does not have a modern design. However, the site does not look too outdated as well. The site follows a simple design. Still, you can be disturbed by the ads shown on this site. However, there is no option to remove those ads unless you subscribe to a premium membership plan. The site is relatively easy to navigate because all the features are arranged in top menus and sub-menus. You will find options such as access to cruising details, live chat, browse for other people’s profiles, watch videos of other members. Read erotic stories by your fellow members, etc. The font of this dating site is understandable enough to be easily read by people. A classic black and red color combination is used in the sidebars to give an attractive appearance to the site.

Though the mobile application of Squirt is till now not available in the market, you can access the site on your mobile browser. So, in case you are entering your user’s account through the mobile browser, you should switch to the mobile version of Squirt during the registration process. However, the features of the mobile version are restricted. Still, it is a good option for on the go users. The positive side of the website is that you will not find any glitches or lags on Squirt. So, the user experience of the website is smooth and convenient.

Distinguishing Features Of The Site

Distinguishing Features Of The Site

What makes Squirt stand out among all the dating sites is its unique features. The features of this dating site are mainly created to offer you cruising and hookup experiences. Though some of the features on this dating site are provided for free, some particular features can only be accessed by premium members.

The distinct features of Squirt include-

  1. Gay And Bi-Man: Using this feature, you can find attractive gay and bi-man in your area.
  2. GPS Enabled: This feature helps you to discover attractive members in your nearby area.
  3. Local Cruising: You can discover your local hotspots where there are many attractive members in a particular area.
  4. XXX Photos: This feature will help you to get access to adult photographs of other members.
  5. Instant Messaging: You can send messages to members immediately and chat with them.
  6. Arrange Hookups: Through this feature, you can make arrangements for random hookups.
  7. Straight and Married Man: This is a unique feature using which you can explore some straight and married man for some unforgettable experiences.
  8. Sexual Matches: This feature helps you to locate people who will like your profile.
  9. Cocktales: This is a feature that contains erotic stories from the real-life experience of other members.
  10. Travel Counters: Members can arrange meetings with other members using this feature.
  11. Audio- Visual Chats: This is one of the essential communication features of this dating site. In this feature, you can use your webcam to have video interaction with your fellow members, and the mic can be used for audio chat. So, you can get a wholesome idea about your partner.
  12. Email Chats: You can send emails to other members using this feature when they are not online in lie chat or instant messaging.
  13. Glory Holes, Bars, and Clubs: Being one of these dating sites’ unique features lets you explore great spots to visit your nearby area.
  14. Member Videos: Using this feature, you can upload your adorable video. Also, you can watch videos from other members.
  15. Communities: Members can join in group discussions in their preferred topics and express their opinions. This feature helps you become an active part of the Squirt community and enjoy your time on this dating site.
  16. Who Cruised You: You can get access to the members who have checked out your profile.
  17. Looking For Sex: This feature allows you to discover members searching for sex partners within the few upcoming hours or days.
  18. Buddy List: Using this feature, you can add your favorite members on this site in a separate list to easily find their profiles later.

How Are The Safety And Privacy Policies Of Squirt?

How Are The Safety And Privacy Policies Of Squirt?

It has been more than two decades since Squirt has been serving gay and bi men a safe dating experience. The long existence of this dating site signifies its credibility. Though members share their adult photos and current location with other members on this dating site, no illegal activity occurs. Therefore, you can trust the administration of this dating site for its continuous service. The personal and financial data are exchanged through the SSL network, which ensures that no third party users can get illegal access to your private data. In case you are suspicious about a member’s identity or activity on this dating site, you can block the member by going to his profile so that he cannot contact you anymore. You can also report to the Squirt website’s customer support team to report about an abusive user or inform about your issues. The customer support team can be contacted through both the email address or phone number according to your convenience. If the administrators find you to violate the website’s guidelines, your profile will be banned from Squirt. The safety and privacy policies of Squirt have been described on the dating site itself. While using the dating site, you need to follow them. Also, while interacting with other members, you should be careful not to give your personal and financial information. In case any user tries to grab money from you, you should block or report him immediately. However, most of the Squirt reviews consider this site safe and secure for its users.

Profile Quality On The Platform

Profile Quality On The Platform

This Squirt review suggests that the profiles are quite detailed, and you cannot complain about the profile quality because most of the members seem to be genuine. The photo gallery is one of your profile interface’s significant features, where you can upload unlimited attractive photos of yourself. Also, you can upload videos to make your presence more felt on this dating site. You can include or country, city, neighborhood, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, etc. You can add personal physical details such as dick size, hair color, eye color, height, body type, body hair, etc. Members are also allowed to mention their particularly preferable sexual position on this dating site to easily attract like-minded gay men. The more information you put out about yourself on this site, the more chances you get a sexy hookup or casual dating partner. The site’s algorithm will work based on your provided information on your profile and help you find your suitable matches. If you put detailed information on your profile interface, you will appear higher on other members’ search results.

Unlike gay dating sites, this website is mainly created for homosexual and bisexual men. Therefore, most of the Squirt reviews don’t recommend this dating site for transexual individuals. The dating site does not discriminate against members according to their ethnicity, race, religion. You can freely join this dating site if you are a gay or bi man above 18. Squirt is so popular that it contains many profiles and the user base is quite strong. The profiles are active enough. The members keep on interacting with each other through the various communication modes available on this site, such as audiovisual chat, instant messaging, and email chat. The members belong to diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world. Due to the large user base and location-based searching feature, you will also find profiles of members who live in your nearby area. The members on this site are inclined to casual dates, hookups, and sensuous physical relationships; therefore, you should not sign up for long term or committed relationships. You will mostly find young adults on Squirt. However, there are some married middle-aged men as well. The online status of a member is shown on his profile. However, there is no anonymous or incognito mode for the extra privacy of profiles. So, according to most of the Squirt reviews, you will be satisfied with this dating site’s overall profile quality.

How To Register On This Site?

How To Register On This Site?

If you are exhausted by lengthy and time-consuming registration procedures offered by most dating sites, this platform is your ideal spot. Squirt has a concise and direct process of sign up that only contains a single form. In this registration form, you have five fields. The fields include username, email address, verify email, password, and confirm the password. Once you are done with filling out all the information, you have to tick in the guidelines of this dating site provided on the form to give your consent and agree to your adult age limit. (18 years)

That is all. Your sign up process will be finished after that, and you will be directed to your account page. You can start accessing the features as soon as you sign up. There is no process for verifying the identity of a member. Uploading a photo is not compulsory. However, most of the Squirt reviews suggest uploading an image for making your appearance attractive on this site.

After your sign-up process is done and you have become a successful member, you can choose to log in to your user’s profile anytime through your decided username and password.

How To Unmatch A Member On A Squirt Website?

How To Unmatch A Member On A Squirt Website?

In case you find a member’s activity to be inappropriate, you can unmatch or block the member according to your choice. However, the blocked or unmatched member will not know about your action. He will not contact you unless you unblock him or send him a message on your own.

Is There Any Difference Between Guest And Registered Member’s Access?

The access of a guest member and a registered member has many differences on Squirt. Guest members can only go through the terms and conditions, stories, FAQs, etc. On the other hand, a registered member can access all the dating site features without any inhibition. However, some unique features can only be accessed by those registered members who prefer to take a premium membership plan.

Mobile Application And It’s Functionalities

Mobile Application And It's Functionalities

Unfortunately, Squirt has not developed a mobile application for its users until now despite being such an old dating site. So, you cannot access this site through a mobile app. However, there is a mobile version that you can use on your phone browser. The mobile version of Squirt is supported by both Android as well as iOS users. Although the mobile version comes with limited features, it is preferable for the go users or when you cannot get access to a desktop.

Can You Download The Application From The Site?

Squirt does not offer an app for its users. Therefore, there is no option provided to download the application from the site. However, you can choose to access the site on your phone browser if you are on the go.

Is The Site Available For The Mobile Version?

Yes. Squirt is a mobile-friendly dating site that you can easily access on your phone. If you are planning to access the site on your mobile, you have to switch to the mobile version while signing up so that you can use the dating site on your phone without any technical issues. The mobile version of Squirt functions faster, but the features are more limited than the desktop version.

What About The Availability Of The Apps On The “Google Play Store” And “Apple Store”?

It is quite sad for on the go users that Squirt does not have a mobile application. So, there is no question of downloading the app from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. However, both Android and iOS devices support the access of this dating site on their mobile browsers. So you can easily enjoy the website mobile version from your smartphone.

Is The Application Convenient For Users?

Is The Application Convenient For Users?

There is no app for Squirt that you can download on your mobile phone. However, you can choose to access the mobile version of this site, which is quite user-friendly and smooth. The speed is good, and you will not face technical errors or buffering. You can access the mobile version of the website easily on your iPhone or Android device from any mobile browser on your mobile phone. The mobile version is quite neat and well arranged in its appearance. However, you may dislike the mobile version because it offers lesser features than the website’s desktop version. You will still find most of the Squirt reviews recommending the site’s mobile version for on the go users.

Cost And Features Of The Platform

The Squirt website offers a premium membership plan just like any other dating site. However, there are also services that you can enjoy as a free member; premium membership levels up your experience on this site to serve your purpose more conveniently.

The premium membership plan is available in different durations, and you can choose any of them according to your convenience. The cost of premium membership is average compared to its alternative dating sites. However, if you choose for a more extended duration plan, then the monthly cost decreases accordingly. There are membership plans for one week, one month, three months, six months, and 12 months. Most of the Squirt reviews suggest that you take a 12 months membership plan to get some fruitful results from this dating site.

In case you are hesitating about taking up a premium membership plan, you should compare the free services and paid services of this dating site so that you can easily understand what extra perks you will get as a premium member.

The free services of Squirt include-

  1. You can register on this site as a member for free.
  2. Free members can upload photos and videos.
  3. Browser through the accounts of other members.
  4. As a free member, you can use the basic search filters to explore our suitable matches.
  5. You can chat with other members with the help of instant messaging.
  6. Read erotic stories.

As a paid member, you will enjoy this extra perks such as –

  1. Get access to audiovisual chats.
  2. You can enable the location-based search and find members near your area.
  3. Check out the members who have cruised your profile.
  4. Find members who are interested in sex in recent times.
  5. Get access to the delivery status of you.

The chart below gives explicit information about the duration and cost structure of the premium membership plan.

Duration Cost Total Amount
1 Week $3.97/week $3.97
1 Month $8.97/Month $8.97
3 Months $7.65/Month $22.97
6 Months $6.16/Month $36.97
12 Months $4.58/Month $55.97

The members are offered several payment options, including credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, bank transfer, etc. You can make the payment according to your convenient method. The membership plan is automatically renewed. In case you want to discontinue your subscription, you can do it by going to the account settings of your profile on the Squirt website.

Contact Information Of The Officials

  • Address: 2 Carlton Street, Suite 1600, Toronto, Canada
  • Phone: 416-925-6665
  • EMail: [email protected]

Conclusion Of The Review

Conclusion Of The Review

This Squirt review has proved that it is not a transsexual dating site; instead, the website provides its services for homosexuals and bisexuals looking for a male partner for a committed relationship. It is a pioneer dating site for gay hookups and casual dates. Only those who wish to add some spice to their lives with some sex and naughty chats can join this dating site. So sign up and spice up your life with Squirt today.

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