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Extensive ChatAvenue Review

Extensive ChatAvenue Review
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 21-35
Profiles 497 348
Reply Rate 68%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to register, download and install
  • Various pre-existing chatrooms to choose from
  • Webcam, microphone facility is available in most of the chatrooms
  • One the oldest and most popular chat room service
  • Move to private chat rooms if necessary
  • A guest login is available
  • Doesn't have an excellent mobile app. It has technical issues
  • Very outdated website
  • No security
  • High number of fake profiles
  • No identity verification

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ChatAvenue is one of the oldest chat rooms in web history that came into being globally. It was registered in 2000, making it the oldest chat rooms available. This website is categorized as “entertainment” and available worldwide in English. ChatAvenue cannot be termed as one best dating site because it isn’t a dating site. Firstly, it is a chat room that is used for varied purposes. Most of the visitors are from Poland, the USA, and the Netherlands. Moderators moderate the site; hence there is significantly less chance of harassment. Some chat rooms have webcam facilities, and some don’t. They have solid group ethics and chat regulations. Hence, there will be no chance of any issues.

The chat rooms might look very outdated, and most people prefer using the mobile version more than the ChatAvenue website because it’s easier to use. It is not possible to determine the number of users because they have strict privacy methods. To join the chat room, you need to provide a username and a password. Every time you enter, you can access your password, and once you are inactive for a longer period, you will be automatically logged out.

After going through many ChatAvenue reviews, one can conclude that many of the profiles are fake. There’s hardly a chance to find a fake profile amongst all these because there are many profiles and many chat rooms. So, to help the members, they have made the group moderators very powerful. If you are disturbed by any member, you can complain about it to the moderator. The moderator can ban the member form using the chat group for a certain period or permanently.

The chat rooms can have 10 to 150 members talking, sharing pictures, ideas, etc. Hence, if you wish to talk to someone separately, refer to the private chat room. The “dating” chat room is considered the hub of longer-lasting relationship seekers. You talk to someone, get attracted, meet them in person, and that’s it. Singles, lesbians, gay, these chatrooms are generally used for hookups and casual sex and relationships.

ChatAvenue website has no hidden cost, and you can enter the website as a guest without even becoming a member. Every feature is free to use, and you can join anyone or several chat rooms if you wish to. Guest logins also get to use the website in every way they want! Let’s know more about the features in this ChatAvenue review.

Extensive ChatAvenue Review

Design And Usability Of The Platform

The design of the ChatAvenue website is user friendly. The website has a beautiful design. Being one of the oldest chat rooms of history, the layout of the website might seem a little old. This obsolete looking website is much easier for the non-tech-savvy members of the chatrooms who are maybe above 50 years. The layout of the website is impressive because the background color is unique and quirky.

The fonts are quite large and visible. The menu features are very well organized, which helps the members search for the groups easily. Pop-ups are regular, which urges you to join the chat rooms. The pop-ups consist of the list of chat rooms available for your joining. The chatrooms have relevant background colors that are according to the topic of the group. The chatroom moderators control this. Every chatroom on the ChatAvenue website has its specialized avatars, and emoticons and stickers created suitable for the particular room.

Design And Usability Of The Platform

Special Features Of This Chat Room Based Website

The unique features of the ChatAvenue are:

  1. Personal chat rooms– After observing all the ChatAvenue reviews, one can conclude that you could create private chat rooms if you want to talk to someone separately. For example, while being in a group, you talk to someone, and you find them interesting, you can ping them and ask them to join a separate personal chat room. Private chat rooms will help you express yourself and help you know the person closely. This can be the initiation of a blooming friendship or a love relationship, who knows!
  2. Group chat rooms– These chat rooms are the reason ChatAvenue was developed in the first place. The number of mainstream chat rooms is 19, but there are various other chat rooms too. You can benefit from group chat for free because the website doesn’t charge a single penny to make friendships.

ChatAvenue has 19 mainstream chatrooms presently sanctioned by their moderators. The list is mentioned below. You can join any of the chatrooms or even all the chat rooms, obviously depending on your age.

  1. Adult chat is an adult chatroom for 18 years or older. Microphone and webcam facility is available.
  2. Boys chat is a general type of chat room for 13 years old and above. No webcam and microphone are available for this chat room.
  3. Cam chat is a general chat room for 18 years or older members with microphone and webcam facilities.
  4. College chat is also a general chatroom for the 16 and older members with MicroPhone and webcam facilities.
  5. Dating chat is an adult chatroom for 17 years and older. Microphone and webcam facility available in it.
  6. Gay chat is an adult chatroom 17 years and older. Microphone and webcam facilities available.
  7. General chat is a general chatroom for 13 years and older. Webcam and microphone are available.
  8. Girls chat in a general chat room for 13 and older girls. Webcam and microphone are available.
  9. Kids chat in a chat room for 13 to 19 years older kids. Webcam and microphone facility is available.
  10. Lesbian chat is an adult chatroom for the 17 and older-aged girls. Microphone and webcam facility is available.
  11. Live chat is an adult chatroom for 17 and older. Webcam and microphone are available.
  12. Mobile chat is a general chat room for 13 years and older. Webcam and microphone are available.
  13. Music chat is a general chatroom for 13 and older. The microphone is available, and no webcam.
  14. Sex Chat is an adult chatroom for 18 years and older. Webcam and microphone are available.
  15. Singles chat is an adult chatroom for 17 years and older. Microphone and webcam available.
  16. Sports chat is a general chat room for 13 and older—no webcam and no Microphone available.
  17. Teen chat is a general chatroom for the 13 to 19 years. Webcam and microphone are available.
  18. Video chat is a general chat room for 18 years and older. Webcam and microphone are available.
  19. Video games chat is a general chatroom for the 13 years and older. No webcam and no microphone.
Special Features Of This Chat Room Based Website

Security Features Of ChatAvenue

One can say about the ChatAvenue security features that they have security measures that can’t find fake accounts and block them. But you can take steps to block that particular person from contacting you.

  1. Flag messages– You can “flag” messages by tapping the “flag user” button. You can also use a different textual style to your messages by clicking “settings” and heading off to the “fonts” tab.
  2. Block member– Select the name of a person and click on the “block” option from the menu. The menu bar is available on the left side of the screen. This way, you may block the person.
  3. Private chat– By clicking on the “Private chat” option, you will select people and move them to a private chatbox.

Apart from these steps, you must be very careful while sharing anything with anyone. Sharing nude pictures can be risky because the profile you are sharing might be a fake one. Also, sharing details of your credit card or any other personal information is not a wise decision. Nudity on webcam streaming is strictly prohibited. If caught, you may get banned from using the site permanently. Also, they do not promote any escort service.

The ChatAvenue website is not very secure except these minimal security features. The members cannot be tracked because they can use a “VPN” to hide their IP addresses. Hence, it makes it impossible to hunt them down. So, it is always recommended to maintain your privacy and security. In case you fail to maintain your privacy and share some confidential information with any fake people that might be misused. In many cases, people shared their private photos, which brought a lot of trouble for them. So, the group moderators always recommend not sharing any personal information with anyone in the group.

Security Features Of ChatAvenue

Profile Quality On This Platform

The profiles on ChatAvenue don’t have very detailed personal information because this is not basically for dating. You only need to have your user name, and that is the only personal detail visible on your profile and your avatar. They don’t even have a picture on the profiles. This makes it very hard to differentiate the fake profiles with genuine profiles. That is precisely why the site moderator asks you to be safe and aware of any frauds or fake accounts. Most importantly, you must not share your credit card details with anyone.

The moderators are very active in these rooms. Hence, you will have no security issues here because you won’t provide any personal details or pictures. Sharing your intimate pictures can be a risky step to be taken. One would ask you not to. According to some ChatAvenue reviews, some profile owners might misuse your pictures.

Profile Quality On This Platform

Detailed Registration Process On The Website

The ChatAvenue registration process is the easiest and takes only a few seconds. You have to go to the website or download the app from the website. Now, put a Username you prefer and a password to protect your account. That’s it ! the member’s registration is done. You can now join chat rooms quickly. Create chat rooms that seem relevant to you. Invite friends to your chat-room, and that’s it. No membership subscription, not upgradations, no credits. ChatAvenue reviews say it is entirely free, and it’s true.

There is another kind of registration, Guest registration. If you are entering as a guest, you won’t need to provide a password; use a username. That’s it; you will have access to the chat rooms on the website. Once you enter the site, you can use an avatar and set it as your profile picture. The avatars can be changed from time to time.

Detailed Registration Process On The Website

Unmatching A ChatAvenue Member

Basically, on this website, there is no proper matching functionality like other dating sites. This isn’t a formal dating site while it is a chatroom facility that helps people of varied tastes connect in their specific chatrooms and share their thoughts. Hence, you can’t unmatch a member, but you can block them, flag them and or hide from them.

What Is The Difference Between Entering As A Guest And Entering As A Member?

ChatAvenue has left every door open for every user. Either you can register to the website as a member, or you can enter as a guest. The only difference between them is in the members login section. If you are entering a Guest, you need to provide your username and nothing else, but if you are a member, you need to provide a username and a password to protect your profile. The features you can enjoy as a member are similar to the features you can enjoy as a guest; hence there is no difference in features facility!

What Is The Difference Between Entering As A Guest And Entering As A Member?

Mobile Applications And Functionalities Of ChatAvenue

The mobile application is downloadable from the ChatAvenue website. The Mobile application can be operated on iPhone, Android, and iPad. To use the mobile application, you won’t need to register. You can use the application as a guest.

The mobile application of ChatAvenue was launched in 2005 by the company. Now, they have upgraded the system to make it compatible with all the devices and OS. The mobile and the website as well have around 10 to 100 members in each chatroom during peak hours. The general or rather popular mobile browsers can be used to operate the website, and the mobile application can be downloaded using it.

The ChatAvenue mobile app is not the favored medium for accessing the application; it’s not quite up. It has a user-friendly interface that looks outdated, but there are issues with technicalities. The mobile application has glitches, and the features are organized but hard to find for a non-tech savvy. Otherwise, it’s a decent layout.

Features of mobile application:

  1. Enjoy the radio player while you chat in the chat groups.
  2. Create your friend list if you wish to get back to the person you liked chatting with.
  3. They have a wall that will help you share your experiences.
  4. Please select another Chat Room from the drop-down menu if the current one is not suitable for you.
Mobile Applications And Functionalities Of ChatAvenue

Can You Download The Application From The Site?

Yes, the application is downloadable from either the website or the “Google Play Store” and “Apple Store” at free of cost.

Is The Site Available For The Mobile Version?

Yes, ChatAvenue has a mobile version for easy usage, but most members prefer using the website version instead.

What About The Availability Of The Apps On The “Google Play Store” And “Apple Store”?

The app is available in both app stores free of cost. The app is also downloadable from the website.

Is The Application Convenient For Users?

Yeah, the ChatAvenue website is more convenient to use than the mobile app. The reason behind this can be the outdated version of the app. All the features are well organized on the website.

Pricing And Perks Of The Platform

ChatAvenue website is free to use and doesn’t require any subscriptions. Hence, you can join all the 19 pre-existing chat rooms or even create a chat room other than this and use it. You can make groups of your own choice and invite your friends and family members to join. In your group, you will be the moderator, and hence, you hold power to control the chatroom.

ChatAvenue has services that give you enough freedom to use these below-mentioned features for free.

  1. Send whispers to members to make them know your presence or be a ping in modern digital terms.
  2. Add people you like as your friend.
  3. Create your account for free. Like mentioned earlier, they don’t have any paid subscriptions.
  4. Change your avatars according to your mood and style.
  5. Participate in various chat rooms.
  6. You can enter as a guest member if you haven’t created your account yet.

If you wish to find love or a date or a hookup for you, the best chat-room would be the singles chat room where all the singles meet, and they move to private chat rooms, and maybe later, they end up together. There are chatrooms for even gay and lesbians. There are kids chat rooms that can be controlled by their parents. Kids usually discuss various topics of education, play games, science, and others. Live chat rooms are for webcam communication where people can interact with each other using their webcam. But nudity is strictly prohibited even in private chat rooms.

Pricing And Perks Of The Platform

Contact Information Of The Officials

Conclusion Of The Review

ChatAvenue is not like other dating sites, where you meet and date. This is categorized as an entertainment website that was developed way back in 2000. The website offers a chat room facility for all the explorative individuals who like to find more friends who are alike. They have 19 chat rooms that have various topics to discuss. Every chat room has a moderator to help you guide through the process. The chatrooms can be created, and you can, too, create a specific chat room for a specific topic and invite friends to join your chat room. You will be the moderator of that particular chatroom.

But let’s warn you, there can be frauds, fake accounts, bullying, or even harassment. You just need to complain about the member to the moderator. They will take harsh steps against them. Also, you can use the block and Flag option to protect yourself. It’s best if you don’t share your intimate picture or your credit card details with any fellow members even if you are growing a friendship. Hopefully, this ChatAvenue review will be helpful to you in taking the final decision. If you are searching for a like-minded friend, to be precise, ChatAvenue is your pick!

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